hello, money!

Last night I greeted the money I was receiving from the ATM.

"Hello, money!" I said.

(I also gave it some encouraging talk about how happy I was to see it, and how I appreciated how it was going to help me over the coming week.)

I think I might have been influenced by some recent feng shui reading that suggested if you want to keep the cash-chi/flow of money in good order you should line up the money in your wallet respectfully, not let it get all crumpled and jumbled up.

I'd recommend this to everyone: The next time those "newborn" (or newly reborn, or whatever) twenties poke their way out of the ATM, blinking in the light, nervous about what might be their first time in the outside world, gently pick them up and say, "Hello, money!"

Article of the Moment
Wait, Jon Katz is on Slate now? I was wondering where he went after that whole Hellmouth thing on Slashdot. Upstate NY, I guess...I liked his piece on the rural man's Grunt and Grumble, patially because I remember the "Stewarts" from my time in upstate NY. Good ice cream there.