they're like garters, but...lower

I find cleaning house to be a maddening production of "Short Attention Span Theater". I'll just grab this pile of books-- but where to put them?... oh look, there's some dirty dishes... better bring those to the kitchen, ooh, kitchen, the garbage needs to go out... huh, I should take care of the trash can in the front room... besides, and oh look, there are some shoes I can wear to take out the trash... hmm, that dvd stack is pretty precarious, better move that over and... hey, what was I going to do with this pile of books here again?

I guess that's where strategies such as "only touch anything once" and "start at one end and systematically proceed to the other" come from, as a way of fighting that "tangential" method of decluttering.

Ladywear Mystery of the Moment
--Photo above the "sleepwear and intimates" at the Target near my mom's. What are these? Are they just for prettifying bare feet? Are they meant to be worn with some kind of shoe?

Anecdote of the Moment
(German contralto) Ernestine Schumann-Heink was an unashamed gourmand. Enrico Caruso, another lover of good food in quantity, entered the restaurant at which she was dining. Seeing her about to begin on a vast steak, he said, "Stina, surely you are not going to eat that alone?" "No, no, not alone," replied the lady, "mit potatoes."
I also like her response when she was crashing her way through the orchestra pit, and the conductor hissed at her to go sideways: "Mein Gott! I haff no sideways."