how about later

What PCs and laptops need are physical 3 state power button sliders: On, Hibernate, Off. I mean, Windows has problems waking up anyway which compounds the problem, but still, I'm tired of going to wake up an unresponsive suspended laptop and accidentally sending it into hibernate because I hit the power button one too many times. Or the way I know I send my PC into hibernate at night only to find it on in the morning.

Formula of the Moment
(Desire to Complete Task (U) = Expectation of Success (E) x Value of Completion (V) / Immediacy of Task (I) x Personal Sensitivity to Delay (D))
I guess I don't understand the stuff in the denominator, since my intuition is that those are factors that would tend to increase the desire, rather than decrease. But I greatly appreciate how "Expectation of Success" is kind of in the driver's seat.