if they should bar wars, please let these star wars stay

January 27, 2007
Oh boy it's the weekend!

Oh wait, I don't have to care about that yet.

Star Wars of the Moment
For the next 20 years, as far as 3PO knows, he is the property of Captain Antilles, doing protocol duties on a diplomatic transport. He is vaguely aware of the existence of the princess but doesn't know much about her. Wherever 3PO goes, being as loud and obvious as he always is, his unobtrusive little counterpart goes with him. 3PO is R2's front man. Wherever they land, R2 is passing messages between rebel sympathisers and sizing up governments as potential rebel recruits - both by personal contact and by hacking into their networks. He passes his recommendations on to Organa.
It goes to explain how Obi-Wan's primary goal is making sure Luke doesn't turn into an evil Sith kinda guy himself, and how Chewbacca is the rebellion's chief field and espionage agent, with Han as his frontman.

I dig reframings of the Star Wars story... I posted some before, plus Boingboing linked to The public choice economics of Star Wars.

More Star Wars of the Moment

Even More Star Wars of the Moment
Bill Murray covers the Star Wars theme... love the lounge.