kirkis in the underworld

At work yesterday my having a decent digital camera came in handy for some folks who needed to make some screenshots from actual phones. So once again I may build a reputation as the guy to go to when you need a white board photo or what not.

With better cameras, I'm using more and more diskspace every year. I was musing about winnowing the worthless shots out of what I usually keep on my harddrive. (Historically I've been superstitious about not getting rid of old photos, but now I'm generating so many of them as I try to get the shot just right...)

So I would probably hedge my bet and burn a DVD with all the photos-- even if I never actually tried to retrieve something from that archive. That DVD would map to the Greek idea of Hades; files reduced to abstract collections of ones and zeros, shadows of their former selves lacking the life force of being turned into viewable images... And if I did have to go to the DVD to retrieve a file, I would be like like Orpheus travelling to the Underworld...

Monster of the Moment
Angus used to have vivid, terrifying nightmares about an evil blue mouse named Hickory Dock who would scuttle from a loudly ticking clock and bite him on the hand--inspired, apparently, from the seemingly benign nursery rhyme. Even at the ripe age of five, Angus can't sleep with a ticking clock in the room.
"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zen Living".
Sorry the kid was having nightmares but "Hickory Dock" is one of the coolest evil names I've heard in a while. Much cooler than my own childhood bedtime foible of being convinced that someone saying "Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite" would give me nightmares.