day of thur

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Politics of the Moment
We will see neighbor against neighbor, church against church, family member against family member. That's why in this country we don't vote to take away rights.
Marc Solomon, MassEquality.
Tight vote looms on same-sex marriage, if a MA constitutional amendment to cut down the scope of the definition of marriage should be part of the 2008 ballot. Err, isn't there a precedent for constitutional amendments ADDING rights? As in, they made the "Bill of Rights" not the "Bill of Fewer Rights". (Oh, there was Prohibition, which they had to discard a little while after.) To be brutally frank, I think this comes down to King Mob being squicked by buttsex. If you're against gay marriage, don't have one.

Comic of the Moment
Basic Instructions continues to amuse. I just found a receipt for the $2200 Buddha (a 36" RCA that dwarfed the tiny apartment) TV I bought myself 7 years ago. EB has sure milked helping me get it up those stairs! (But at least this weekend he showed me that I can indeed get not one but two of these six foot tables into my little Scion. I'd recommend those tables by the way... Miller and I both have one and they come in useful at the oddest times, plus they're lightweight but sturdy.

I remember getting my first Canon digital camera not too long after, justified in part by my old camera breaking right before the wedding. It's funny, my "big ticket" purchases seem to not be as big as in years past, but there might be more of them now.