their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their shirts all soaked with sweat

August 27, 2007
So some of the comments on yesterday's kisrael where enlightening. In particular, it led me to google up this page which leads me to believe I may have underestimated the brutality entailed.

So, if there is a part of the culture for whom this is OK, that indicates a kind of depressing cultural gap, a frightening morality chasm.

Music of the Moment
After the other week's Ghostriders reference, I found this page with dozens of versions of it, including the famous Vaughn Monroe version (which, frankly, I wasn't that crazy about) and a Spike Jones version that I have on CD that mocks Monroe a bit.

And the page is right... Johnny Cash changing "old cowpoke" to "old cowboy" is lame.

Useful Number of the Moment
Did you know about 888-5OPTOUT ? An automated system will let you opt-out of all those pre-approved credit card offers, and it's said to work fairly well. The system has some of the most advanced voice recognition software I've used. It would be nice if this stops the mail, those offers really add to the bulk of the mail I have to go through, plus I always try to be more careful in disposing of it.

Now if only I had a way to opt-out of those stupid newspaper-ish tabloid supermarket coupon fliers...