but sit and fart in the duck

Someone asked what I think of the brewing scandal with the Patriots accused of having a video camera taping the Jets' defensive coaches signals. It sounds reasonably damning on the face of it. (There's also the danger that it's not a terribly uncommon thing to do, and the Pats may be made an example of.)

It seems odd because video recording an opposing coach doesn't seem that different than watching intently, which I presume is allowed. One proposed solution would be to allow one of the defensive linemen to use the same kind of radio that the QB gets.

I just hope those damn Motorola headsets use encryption!

N-quite-SFW Video of the Moment

--Making the rounds, a phonetic re-interpreation of a kids show in Dutch, or Flemish, or Belgian, or something. "Sit and fart in the duck" is on the less crude side of what they come up with, but it's pretty funny, especially when there's an (un)fortunate match between the lyric and the image onscreen.

Quote of the Moment
Heat, pressure, and time. The things that make a diamond, also make a waffle.