I've got a Hawaiian Shirt that has a "sunglass loop", a dense loop of fabric near the top of the pocket that you can hang sunglasses from. While I appreciate the ingenuity of the idea, as well as it being better than a mere pocket at stopping a pair of glasses from clattering to floor, I was somehow annoyed reading the tag for it and see that it was "Patent Pending".

Just something a bit too... Jimmy Buffet in the blend of vacation wear and corporate interest.

Video of the Moment

--Speaking of unholy corporate blends, Slashdot linked to this errr... rap video pitching MS-DOS 5, apparently to retailers. (Is it just me or is it kind of odd that both the three backup singers and the woman who constitutes half of the in-video audience are in red dresses?) Heh, remember when beta tests were largely performed by the companies themselves? I think I previously posted a similar-ish Windows 386 promotional video that goes on at a stodgy place for seven minutes and then gets distinctly...odd.

Prose of the Moment
"And how do you finance this interesting life with these daily climbs of yours?" she asks, her voice curling in on itself with playfulness. She is leaning on one arm on the back of my chair, her hips canted forward; her shirt rides up, showing a chevron of sleek tummy, a demure ring at the navel.
David Rakoff, "In New England Everyone Calls You Dave"
In an effort to banish the blues during those few hours between when the sun goes down at about four and the time when it might be appropriate to start drinking, I take myself to see Flight Club, which, while featuring an awfully good performance by the four-inch band of flesh across Brad Pitt's stomach just above his pubic hair, does little to lift my spirits.
David Rakoff, "Hidden People".
David Rakoff likes flat tummies. I can see where he's coming from with that.