desert people are dry

The other day I saw a bumper sticker:
Are there layers to that I'm not getting? Are they talking about, I don't know, Nordic folk vs. Mediterranean, or maybe campers vs. beachgoers, or are "mountain" and "ocean" symbolic of an outlook on life? I guess I associate a level of planning and general toughness with the Mountain People, and a bit of an easier life thanks to the bounty of the Ocean for those folks, but I don't think I'm getting it.

Not many Google hits for it either.

Defense of the Moment
The Sports Law Profesor defends Belichick's line about "interpretation of the rules" as more than a mere rhetorical smokescreen. Yeah, the article has quite a bit of unseemly legalese analysis, but it does point out some ambiguity in the "Game Operations Manual" and it makes it easier to enjoy what's likely to be heckuva season with this year's Patriots with a clear conscious.

Video of the Moment

--File this under "vaguely artsy ideas that didn't work". This is the Alewife T station one night, where there was a tremendous amount of machinery noise echoing in the central enclosed area. The effect was very THX-1138 or Logan's Run (given the kind of modernist look of the place to begin with) but I'm not sure if that comes across here. And I broke my own rule about "don't turn the camera vertically when recording video".