So, sports talk is all about the Mitchell Report, about baseball players who were using performance enhancing drugs. (But is it sketchy that he's also a Red Sox director?)

I'm a little amused that the primary snitch is an ex-batboy/clubhouse employee named "Kirk". (Radomski, though I guess he has a nickname Murdock.)

One annoying bit was the assumption that if people now don't get on Roger Clemens' case they way they did on Barry Bonds, it proves it's all about personality, or maybe racism. I don't think that's fair... Bonds was going after more cherished records, and he was still working his way up to that after the scandal had broke, he was still grinding his way to the career HR title after everyone could see something was rotten in Denmark.

Another commentator was claiming HGH was not actually proven to enhance athletic performance, and that baseball was going to spend bajillions trying to come up with a test for something that doesn't need testing for.

Bad Idea of the Moment
A friend linked to this "Slave" Princess Leia costume for Dogs. As she says "several layers of wrong". Or as I said... "It's OK to collar your dog. Just don't... collar... your dog."