brr brr brr brr

January 3, 2008
It is so cold out there. Reminded me of ducking my head into the supermarket open-topped freezers as a kid to inhale that rich ozone-y smell.

Video of the Moment

--Paper Airplane over NYC. Beautiful.

The classic paper airplane design is so elegant. I'm not sure if it's the ultimate flier but it has such great lines...

Livestock of a Past Moment
Boingboing linked to a 1934 Modern Mechanix article on Farming Frogs for Food and Profit. (I think they had a lot of odd money making scheme articles during the depression. But I wonder, what makes it seem like such a non-starter now? Is it just an aversion to eating a meat that's not mammal, fish, or bird? Or is it the legacy of the Muppet Movie, Doc Hopper and Kermit's line about all those little frugs on tiny crutches...?