toss that ravaging grizzly a steak while we try to get away

January 4, 2008
So the Patriots' Belichick was voted Coach of the Year, despite the whole Spygate thing. Is this:

A. Sheer recognition of a unique achievement in the NFL, the 16-0 season.
B. A show of solidarity for a guy who was probably a scapegoat for a not uncommon practice in the NFL
C. A gift to the AFC, in the sense of "we better not make this guy any madder!"

Article of the MOment
"Don't know why I thought of you" wrote Beau as he sent me this NY times piece on having clutter, being overweight, and the cognitive science behind hoarding. Yeah, sure, Beau. Just play innocent.

I kid, I kid; Beau is one of the most straight forward and unsnarky people I know. And to be fair, all three of those are issues I'll write about here-- in fact there was that previous time I heard about viewing excess weight as "body clutter".

First Kiss of the Moment
Suddenly I know so much. I understand about waves and cross tides and how jellyfish float and why rivers empty themselves in the Gulf. I understand the undulating movement of the stingray on Sea Hunt and the hard forward muscle of the shark. Now I know why they call it petting, for even though I'm more still in the plush warmth of his mouth than I can ever get in church, my whole body is purring. I let my self breathe into him a breath that tastes like ashes from a long fire.