yay samosas

So a year ago I wrote about a small vending stand at Alewife station... I thought the stuff was "tourist food" though as Eric pointed out, I was eating it, so obviously it's good for commuters as well. (I'm still surprised at how cheap it is, that they can sell enough of it to make it worth their while.)

So the owners have upgraded from their pushcart-style stall to one of the newsstand-type installations there. Plus they added vegetable Samosas for a buck and similar beef-filled pockets for $1.50. I know its all on the fried-side but either can make a really tasty and distinctive breakfast treat. (It looks like they start to set up a full small Indian buffet for the lunch crowd, but I haven't been around to see it.)

So Hoo-ray for small business!

Video of the Moment
Reading TVTropes.org's entry on video game Nightmare Fuel I learned about Mimi, a character in the recent Super Paper Mario game... looking up more I found this list of scary Nintendo moments and then this video, starting about 3:45 or so....

Like TVTropes says:
The true form of Mimi from the same game deserves an honorable mention -- if she weren't done in a cartoony art-style loosely inspired by NES games, the appearance of a little girl with a bizarrely-warped, upside-down head with spider legs coming out of it, and her now limp and useless body dangling below her in Homage to The Thing, would be grade-A Nightmare Fuel, and it still manages to be creepy even with that art style.
Yeah! Daddy longelags are pretty spooky anyway.