delusions on a rainy thursday

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June 5, 2008
Bruce Schneier writes about the You've Been Left Behind service, a supposedly secure way of getting critical information to your heretic loved ones after you're swept up into heaven.

I guess the scheme relies on their good Christian employees checking in on a regular basis, and their failure to do so will indicate a Rapture-ish condition.

I think they just need some honest and helpful Hindus or Buddhists to work there instead! (And boy, won't that be a wakeup call for those employees!)

Like what if one of the "Christian" employees is actually a backslider, or the standards for being raptured are tougher than they expect? You know they'll totally be in denial "no that couldn't have been the rapture -- I'm still here!"

Of course, that whole "pre-Tribulation" line of analysis, that all Christians get a free pass to dodge 7 years of Hell on Earth, seems to me to be a peculiar bit of wishful thinking... and because of it, some of our politicians are a lot more wreckless than they might otherwise be. As a good rule of thumb, in movies and in life, PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BRING ON THE END OF THE WORLD AREN'T THE GOOD GUYS. Even if they think true believers dodge the worst of it, it's still damn rude towards everyone else! Abraham begged God to spare Sodom and Gomorrah, I think Christians should have a bit less righteous glee than they seem to.

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--Cellphone vs Microwave.

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Hipster #1: Awwww! I never noticed it said "love" all over the cement!
Hipster #2: It doesn't.
Hipster #1: Oh, I guess the shrooms kicked in.

Ugh. My ability to find a place for shtuff has undermined, but not removed, my get rid of shtuff mojo. Still it makes me unhappy.
muddling through some decluttering but wish i had a combination coach, personal assistant, and field marshal to get me through this...
iphoning google to get free trivia thursday coffee at souper salad probably is a bit cheaty but this iced coffee tastes mighty good