peeking a boo

Ah the bittersweet official start of summer, where you know the days aren't going to get any longer than this.

Taking a "Programming in Flash" class today and tomorrow, so look for little toys and gizmos from that if it works out well.

Video of the Moment
An enormous amount of fun with censor bars in this David Byrne (of Talking Heads fame) "Toejam" by "BPA Featuring David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal" video...(thanks LAN3) I suppose, technically, it should be "SFW", then, but well, no, not really... but brilliant! Good song as well.

--via collegehumor, sent to me by EB. Looking at other places on web, it's funny to see all the utterly-missing-the-point "gee it would be better without the bars!"

The Red Sox are wearing Celtics green... how cute!
I'd like to find more books about living in the USA, aimed at folks in other countries but in English...
free samples of "honey bunches of oats" at H. square. Later, homeless kid complaining "I don't need this much cereal in my life"