ESCape! ESCape!

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Ugh, I am in such an aggressively craptastic mood right now it's kind of pathetic.

Quote of the Moment
"I think you've clicked 'yes' a few too many times when you should've just ESCaped and gotten out of there."
"Honey, you've just described the story of my life."
Working with my Aunt on her laptop, which has a bit of, if not malware outright, general toolbar and crapware.

The more expensive the car, the less bad you feel about the ticket on the windshield...
SpindleyQ Yay! Welcome to our crew of "another jerk with an iphone"!
I am in the grumpiest of moods and I'm not sure why. I didn't even want to read on the T this morning, just kind of sit and sulk.