watchoutformy hammer hammer

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September 13, 2008
Semi-infamous Daphny had an LJ thread about making up lyrics for Nintendo games , inspired by this video:

That reminded me what we did to the "DK Hammer" music.
In Smash Bros and its sequels, games where four characters taken from a range of Nintendo game duke it out on screen, one of the most awesome weapons to pickup is the Hammer... the weapon and its tune harken back to the first appearance of Mario in the original Donkey Kong, and when you are wielding the fabled hammer you a force to be reckoned with. You can see the weapon in its original form and its use in Smash Bros Melee here:

Anyway, with EB we invented a song to go with that music, and get goes
watchoutformy hammer! hammer!
gottawatchoutformy HAMMER! HAMMER!
The best part of it is it's easy to remember and sing.
Plus you have the hammer.

(EB and I would sing this song pretty much any time we picked up a hammer during the Rockport renovation project.)

Weird thing is, Daphnee reports her group singing the same song...

At local pub Flann's; something with the fish and chips or the guiness or the music gave me a weird Man Ray flashback. Music booze, prob.
they may not know which end is which / but thingamajigs scratch where thingamajigs itch [wash away your wildlife!]
I dig how English evolves and is easy-going but I'm kind of worried about "u" becoming the default. Though I guess it's a nice match to "I"
Always a bummer when you're at the game and the hometeam says "ah well, let's see what these kids can do..."
We would have been right in that game if it wasn't for those back-to-back 3-run innings.
Sometimes I'm way too pleased with myself that I seem to have landed "kirkjerk" as a nickname before any other kirk online.