September 14, 2008
So, more thoughts on exercise, even though one week of good commitment is no guarantee of ongoing results.

Random thoughts:

Accomplishments of the Moment
So watched the Red Sox get blown out yesterday, and then I got the September issue of the loveblender out. So I made my monthly heart doodle a baseball player. Not my finest work, but a decent proof of concept for my new tablet laptop.

kisrael/kirkjerk, alienbill, and loveblender... thanks EB for passing along the rule of More Than Three.

Quote of the Moment
Each afternoon, I'd trudge across Park Avenue, pick up the Globe, throw out everything but the Arts and Sports sections, trudge back to my temp job, and head to the bathroom for about 40 minutes. I wasn't missed. By the way, here's something you probably already know: temping sucks. It's like committing suicide each day, but nobody ever finds your body.

I think I would understand Windows better if I knew why the volume control takes about 30 seconds to actually show up.
ONE: don't put a mouse for another PC next to the one you're using, you're going to get mixed up. TWO: don't put a cellphone there either
Once upon a time it seemed like the Patriots knew how to make tackles.