greenspan shrugged

September 15, 2008
Huh, last night I had the jumpiness I had a few week ago, still kind of lingering this morning.

I wonder if I was just over-caffeinated? Or sometimes there's that weird psychosomatic thing if you're a bit muscle-shaky from exercise, if you exhibit some of the physical signs of being nervous and jittery, there's some feedback that actually makes you nervous and jittery...

Or maybe it's tied in with the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the financial industry. As of this writing the Dow was looking surprisingly resilient, but who knows what the season will bring. (Just another thing to be all angsty and anxious about, for no good reason.)

I also just realized that one of my favorite essayists, master-of-the-footnote David Foster Wallace took his own life at the age of 46.


Video of the Moment

--from the "good golly did that actually exist or did I make it up?" department... (more specifically from TVTropes' I am Not Making This Up file--) Could you imagine given the task about making a cartoon about Rubiks Cubes?

I'm trying not to resent the neurons I have dedicated to that "Hello, my name is RUB-ik" ending.

BTW, the TVTropes random item feature is kind of a nice way of getting measured doses of that great site.

Greenspan Shrugged
Thoughts you immediately regret having: "gee, maybe the Great Depression wasn't that bad -- I mean, 75% of folks were still employed--"
After Y2K, I'm kind of done worrying about this stuff. Hell, for other reasons I've already moved into the ol' family brownstone, what more?
a decade late, but... spice girls... "zigazig ah"... is that like, a euphemism for sex? or sex noises? stupid ipod.