New Love Blender has been published.

In other things Kirk is up to, I think this weekend, from 5PM Saturday to 5PM Sunday, I'll join in 24 Hour Comics Day @ Millers. That should be interesting. If sleep deprived.

Ugh, Dow keeps sliding, I have no idea why IE and skype work on my laptop but Firefox doesn't, mild lower back soreness. But, like all things, it could be worse. (Also, I drew this pumpkin on that laptop. I wonder if I need to adjust for my tendency to draw on a slant on it.)

Blew off the debates last night for the chance to see the finale of Project Runway. I am a bad person.

Exchange of the Moment
Female customer: Does my ShopRite card work here?
Bored cashier: No, this is a Gristedes.
Customer: Well, I was just curious about their relationship.
Bored cashier: Like any good relationship, it's all about boundaries.

I GODDAMNN HATE VISTA. HATE HATE HATE. Firefox autoupdated, now doesn't load pages. IE works. Firewall claims to be off. W. T. GD. F!?!?!
<<there's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met / part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?>>
Feels like I'm getting that cold going around maybe. A hint of tenderness in the throat, a dab of drip. Just in time for 24hour comics day.
Mooning someone, mooning FOR someone-- different things! Who knew--