vw ads from back in the day. ish.

Got not much of anything to say today!

I think I've posted some of this before, but the other day (thanks to this series of unpimp your ride ads I had missed that my coworkers were discussing) I got to thinking about all those great VW ads with awesome music:

I ended up buying a CD for each of these. But althe first two ads do such a good job of creating an emotional response, and the last one a visceral "wow, that's cool..."
Dow futures already down 500. We've gone beyond where someone needs to be holding its hair back; campus EMS should have been called.
"What was missing was a regulator who understood markets, rather than worshiped them."

Dear maker for my GPS... assuming I know if I want to search in "Amesbury, MA" or "Amesbury Twn, MA" is a bit optimistic, nu?