castles don't have phones a**hole!

Went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show last night with Ariana and Jose. Goofy fun! I think the most amazing thing is just how many snarky MST-like lines there are to know.

Quote of the Moment
The same point is carried by an old story about Shankara, the great eighth-century Vedanta philosopher. Shankara was being challenged with regard to his teaching that the world is maya. "What would you do," the challenger asked, "if you were being chased by a wild elephant?" "I would run," Shankara replied. "Why would you run?" the challenger continued. "After all, by your own account, the elephant is merely an illusion." "I would run," Shankara retorted, "because I am part of the same illusion."
Disanto + Steele, Guidebook to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Politics of the Moment

--Wassup 2008. Compare to the original.

"Voted with bush X% of the time" is a political bludgeon. It speaks to Bush's terrible rep, also zero-sum politics based on conflict.
Rams have a player named "Richie Incognito"? Sweet.
Why do we think of lasting love as the truest kind? What if love is intrinsically unstable and the long form is the abberation?
Great accordionist by Harvard Coop. Again, an underrated instrument: the chords and dexterity of keyboards + expressiveness of woodwinds