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Got to play that new Little Big Planet game on JZ's PS3. It wasn't quite the "gotta buy a PS3!" game I had hoped for... the physics was nifty, there was an overabundance of wonderful small touches, but it wasn't the end all and be all I was hoping for... though maybe 4 players would have helped, or maybe it doesn't really shine 'til you get into building and playing custom levels. It was funny seeing them deal with some of the same problems with 2D physics engines that my team and the others faced in the OLPC Physics Game Jam.

Debates of the Moment

--The site 23/6 helps explain that little sense of deja vu the debates may have brought on.... creepy and mesmerizing!

Anecdote of the Moment
'I am a mystic,' [Sarah J. Vinke] once said to me at a faculty party when there wasn't much to talk about. 'You can't be a mystic,' I said, 'a mystic doesn't define himself as anything.' She thought about this and said, 'You're right. I am not a mystic.' She smiled a little, and that was the last thing she ever said on the subject.