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Ugh. Starting to get anxious about the election.

Just to further some thoughts I originally twittered...watched some of Obama's infomercial. Who was the last guy to try that, Ross Perot maybe? I hope it builds up people's familiarity with him. On the one hand it seems odd that McCain doesn't get a symmetrical rejoinder. On the other hand, McCain isn't trying to leap a racial boundary in American politics.

Watching the Philly's win I saw a McCain rejoinder commercial, spinning it "He's Not Ready...Yet". I love the subtext "C'mon, vote for me! I'm old! This is like my last chance! You can vote for him later!"

I went ahead and googled the full Joe the Plumber / Obama conversation. It's amazing how patient and detailed Obama is with this dork who's obviously looking for a scrap. Plus, the dude looks like a bad Mr. Clean impression. If it wasn't for the name "Joe the Plumber" I don't think he'd be thought of as representational of "Joe Sixpack" at all...

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The heart has its reasons that Reason doesn't know at all.
Blaise Pascal. Kind of the flipside of "My heart does not know from logic."

Watching Obama: lesson learned, "real americans" are kinda heavy.
Watching Obama. This half hour format is an interesting gambit, oddly asymmetrical 'cause McCain can't afford it. Is it like Ross Perot 92?
HAHA, McCain's counter ad "[Obama-] He's Not Ready ...Yet". He's having to Praise with Faint Damnation!
Congrats Philly, land o' my birth... and I gotta root for any cold weather city over any warm weather city anyway.
pentomino I was trying to think of the subtext- "Suresure, we'll have a black president, eventually. But this is this old dudes last shot!"