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November 25, 2008
My area's political representation has been taken a beating lately, with both State Senator Dianne Wilkerson and Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner getting caught in a bribery sting.

WBUR mentioned a detail that apparently informed the title of the Boston Globe article FBI informant in bribe cases says more suspects are likely to surface, but the only part of the article concerning the headline was
While Wilburn suggested that the probe may have targets beyond those already charged, he declined to name them.
That's it-- that's really enough for a headline?

So, because both of the politicians are black, the race card is going to played. But, I'm not sure that its not justified in this case.
Asked if he was surprised that public officials would allegedly take money to help push a liquor license, he responded quickly. "Hell, no," and let out a hearty laugh.

Wilburn said the idea of opening an upscale supper and jazz club, to be called Dejavu, began to take hold in 2006. But he was rebuffed by the Boston Licensing Board when he sought a liquor license and was frustrated by what he describes as a politicized and antiquated licensing process.

"You're dealing with favoritism, cronyism, classism, and if you don't have the right connections it's very difficult to make things happen," Wilburn said. "The average person that works hard and has a plan to get a license, it's very hard for them to move through that system. And you find out if you have the right people pushing the buttons, things can happen fast."
So given Boston's racial history, with the bus boycotts, some of the slowest-to-integrate sports teams in history, etc etc, I think this deserves to be looked at. Whom they decided to launch a sting on could quite possibly have a racist dimension... I really want to know who else they investigated, and the rationale behind it. With a system this clunky and crony-tastic, I'd be surpised if there wasn't a ton of wheel (Of course the Libertarians would argue that the harsh limits of liquor licenses is offbase to begin with...) Also, call me a bleeding heart, but Wilburn is black, and I could almost see there being an aspect of trying to promote black business... especially in places with more black citizens than black business owners.

That said, I also like Chuck Turner's campaign slogan of "BALD BOLD AND BRIGHT".

Video of the Moment
I previously 'fessed up to alien bill's design being influenced by a board game, but sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have a bit of Lunar Leeper in him:

I really liked the way those guys looked, I tried building something like them in the C programming lass at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts...

When a football team wears the same colored pants and-- I dunno, socks, whatever, like the Saints do, it looks like their wearing tights.
Linguistically "first down" is a bit odd because they drop the verb... "it is first down" "they just missed [getting a] first down"
Also there's a pick, or interception, or a pick, like in basketball, a (non-legal?) move where an offensive player gets in the way of the D
But then, the main googling for picks in a football context is fantasy football and gambling. ok i'll stop
Ever since I learned about it as a concept "eyebrow flash" I can't stop observing it...
http://tinyurl.com/prezlogos - funny how both Obama and George W. had distinctive initial-based logos (W, O); icons, not dull stylized words
http://georgewbush.org/ - surprised that the future prez. library site uses the infamous GWB-in-a-flightsuit. Heh heh: "GWB Prez. Library"