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April 11, 2009
--via cmg
Huh... my Uncle mentioned that once he got in big trouble with HR for giving a pre-employment test; that to prevent discrimination, every kind of pre-employment test (except typing) is banned in the Commonwealth, including technical questions (which makes some kind of sense in an anti-discrimination kind of way; a prejudiced interviewer could ask more difficult questions for people they disliked). This goes against pretty much every interview I've had in the past decade... I've googled some things that indirectly support some unusual MA restrictions, but nothing concrete. Anyone in HR in MA know?
UI FAIL: long lists that use Ajax to refresh... but you don't see most of the refresh because the "More..." button was at the bottom.
Facebooking w/the guy who, after our high school English class read Brave New World, pinned me as "Alpha-Plus Semi-Moron"- perfect summary, I thought.
Nearly every modern auto is a tribute to the old god Janus, the face with the bright white eyes in front, and the softer red eyes back.