did you mean: alright

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I'm weirdly captivated by the "makes me a big deal. Ha ha." part of this add for Palm at South Station.

In a similar note, I'm both amused and alarmed at what I've been teaching my iPhone auto-correct...

I went with Amber and Kjersten to see the Alice in Wonderland. The "lightshow" they do beforehand is kind of boring (but where else is one going to hear Big Bad Voodoo Daddy these days?) so we made our own fun with pictures.

Kjersten apparently had a lot of trouble getting just the right shot of me and Amber so I made a montage of this series...

smal gif cinema version:

fanpop.com is gaming Google! Google (no quotes) "wikipedia alice in wonderland" - the 1st link that says (2010 movie) (3rd in all) is fanpop
I know I'm tempting Murphy and His Law but- the sandals are back!
Machines take me by surprise with great frequency.
Alan Turing

It's kind of weird how every Oscar is "for" someone else, at least according to the person receiving it.