cleveland filler day 5

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April 9, 2010

Yours 'Til Niagara Falls of the Moment
Random photos from before and after the Niagara Falls part of our trip-

Doesn't this stack of Blueberry Pancakes from Watertown's own Deluxe Town Diner look great? Awesome place that, and worth the wait.

Moneyfor any old Warhol you might have lying about?

Amber's Yaris hit a nice milestone...

So one of the thing about Niagara is it was really windy... there was a dry warm dusty wind which you can kind of see the results of here, and then blasts of cold damp air from over the falls...

After the SkyWheel, I took this shot. I don't think many people in Boston think of it as having its own pizza style? I might be wrong on that.

Fans of old Internet Memes might find this amusing. Other people should just scroll on.

The parking garage near the hotel had this. The sign outside the door said "Please Use Other Doors". Yeah, that first step, she's a doozy.

I dunno, in the light of the next morning, the Frankenstein-themed BK seemed like some sort of weird PETA pro-Vegan thing... "DEATH... YOU'RE EATING IT"

I thought that the viewers for the Falls looked a lot like Wall*E, but maybe not all that much.

Err, just to complete the theme with today's youtube video... those are the pokiest T-shirt models I've seen.