June 17, 2010
My friend Kjersten wrote
RSA Animate is a cool company that takes talks from intellectuals and animates them. It's a great way to consume content for those of us who are more visually oriented.
Daniel Pink talks about what really motivates us:

Which time zone do you live in?

Captivating stuff! I usually hate having to sit through a spoken lecture, rather than being able to skim and skip, but the artist's skills kept my eyes glued.
"An elephant, or maybe flowers." --Three-year-old Toph's response to: "What's your favorite color?"

Dieting, I like repetition-ie the same Wendy's taco salad most days. If lunch is going to be tasty but not "interesting", I can wait for it, and knowing what to expect generally helps with discipline.
"Bluetooth Photoshare" seems to solve my problem of getting doodles off the iPad and onto my website even with no WiFi, via my iPhone.