from alewife to copley square

November 14, 2010

I think I made an iPhone shot of the turkey around Alewife, but it still weirds me out.

There have been some nice sunsets this Autumn... this is over Brigham Circle

For my Uncle's birthday we went to The Palm, here he is with MELAS in front of the BPL.

Yet another shot of The Hancock, though from ten stories up. I'm always tempted to start a photoblog just of people taking photos of it. Can't blame them though, it the daytime it's so gorgeous.

It dwarfs the Trinty Church across the street. I don't think people realize what a big church it is, but if you look closely you can see a workman there. Those windows are at least twice as big as your eye tends to assume.

At that amazing Arcade Mecca of the northeast, Fun Spot, with Leonard. Would Pengo be so well regarded if it was called "Sno-Bee Holocaust?" I think not.

November Blender of Love Digest here!

"It wouldn't be the first time the power of love was responsible for a whole lot of bullshit."
--Leonard Richardon, "Constellation Games"