--It's tough to think of a new heart doodle for the Love Blender every month, but Amber suggested a snow globe (after a snowflake, which didn't work out so well. And after a snowbank which would have been really tough to make heart-ish.) She also pointed out the snow bits in the thing shouldn't have an outline.
Deluxe Town Diner has a lovely train station companion in Newton Centre; only place I know to get, say, tall order of pancakes and a sloe gin fizz...
Truth is, everybody is gonna hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
Bob Marley

New Blender of Love Digest is here!

Bad game for the Pats, congrats Jets. Ah well a time to "practice equanimity in success and failure" - which sounds LOSER TALK- and it is - but not untrue.