rex and emma

Personally I'm not such a big fan of the endless deluge of cat videos online (Intellectually it's kind of interesting though, as a commentary of how cats are so... I dunno, around us? and often make good subjects) but I am a big fan of Amanda's Four-Legged Friends, a really terrific pet-visit service in Boston Metrowest. The care is great, the rates were terrific, and I think the clever bit was every visit she posts a quick youtube video of the pets. That's a great idea! It's not like we checked them every day, but they were nice to know they were there.

So, these aren't the most compelling things on youtube, but hey:

"If lovin' you is wrong...well, no, I still want to be right. I need to be right. That need is greater than love."

Though artificial intelligence remains underdeveloped, there have been great gains in artificial stupidity.