christmas in photos

December 29, 2011
A couple weeks ago we had my company holiday party hosted by the company's president... here he is handing out my compay's version of the Dundies (this is the one with the animal theme to fit our fast-evolving "Darwin" project codename, where I was given the "Platypus" award.)

Christmas was at my folks summer place in Ocean Grove New Jersey. At the Rite-Aid Christmas Eve my mom and I spotted this bit of hilariously awful commercialism:

Jesus is the Reason for the Season, now BUY OUR CANDY... (There were also, and I have photographic proof of this, "Jesus: Sweetest Name I Know" candycanes. (On the tin, they flip the candycane to be the "J" in Jesus.)

Speaking of all things Jesus-y, Amber and I went to Kevin Smith's comicbook store "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" where they have props from his movies, including the "Buddy Christ" from the "Catholicism WOW" campaign in Dogma:

So, Christmas! Here was the tree corner looking as lovely as ever...

It's funny though how a bad angle can ruin a photo...

I got lots of cool things including a replacement for my London Tube map "Mighty Wallet". What a difference a year makes, eh?

We had lots of good eating over the weekend, including the Zucchini and Cheese Omelettes by Amber.

Here she with a blurry platter of chopped deliciousness behind her...

Dr. Mario is to my family what Monopoly or Scrabble is to some others, the game you can just play and play and play and play and play during get-togethers. In OGNJ we play the Japanese-only Gamecube version on a projector.
Amber just wanted photographc evidence that she should have won... clearly her final 2 viruses are being taken out there on the far left even as the bouncing "Lose" message taunts her.