March 3, 2016

If in a hurry skip to 2:35.

OMG gf Melissa is researching how to do home made gummy products. Just look at this picture i want to join pinterest just to have some place extra to put it

Just for my own reference, I made a list of all the Global Game Jam games I've collaborated on and posted it at - I put it in descending order of how much I liked the end result, and a weird pattern emerged: Every subsequent odd year I've made my most favorite game, and every subsequent even year I've made my least favorite, and the pattern holds true since 2009!
Which bolds well for 2017, I guess. (Sorry to my teammates this year... I liked our process a lot, but the genre just isn't my cuppa...)
I really like "So" at the start of sentences. It has a kind of narrative or poetic gravitas to it.