best photos of 2011

The year included a trip to Paris and London and also a trip to Cleveland. (Oddly enough more photos made it from Cleveland into this top dozen.)

Open Photo Gallery

Interior wall outside the MFA's (then new-ish) Art of the Americas wing.

Spotlighted cellist at Harvard Station.

View from the patio of our Air B+B in Paris. Honestly my favorite memory and meal of the trip was baguette and cheese and fruit and good cheap table wine on that balcony.

St. Paul's Cathedral, across the Thames from the Tate Modern. (What was that I was saying about liking oddly cropped shots with too much sky?)

Amber's dad, I think on the Cannon Mountain Tramway in NH. I wonder if those who know him will agree this is like the most Amber's dad photo ever.

My second annual return to parasailing over Belmar and Ocean Grove.

My team of Alleyoop-ers for a run around near Faneuil Hall photo scavenger hunt.

Sunset at Rocky River Park near Cleveland.

The Broken Piers at Cleveland Edgewater Park.

Amber and her bestie Sam, who is wearing a dinosaur mask I had just bought at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

View from my work, near Newbury Street.

Some "vandal" added perfect makeup to a Paul Revere portrait poster for the MFA (the portrait that was the basis for the Sam Adams brewer, patriot bottle art.)