August 5, 2016bestof_photos

2011 Photo Bonus: Scenes from Europe (Paris, Germany, and London) There's a more detailed day by day photo journal at

One of our first impressions of Paris was at the farmer's market near our place: a man with a fishbowl on his head.

Lovers in Paris.

Low shot of the Eiffel Tower. But, you probably guessed that.

I played with my camera's "tilt shift" mode when we went up the Eiffel Tower.

I guess I mentioned this was my favorite meal the entire trip. (Though "German Turkish Food" was a close second.) Great baguette and wine is so cheap in Paris.

Woman taking in the art at the centre pompidou. (I use a similar art arrangement for my wall of photos of peole dear to me.)

At l'orangerie, an artist taking an impression of Monet.

We had a meal or two at the photogenic cafe at the end of our street (so photogenic they shot scenes for a movie there during our stay.)

A brief stopover in Germany to visit Veronika and Volker and their kids. So green!

Then to London.

Englishman walking in tube station with umbrella.

View from the peephole of our tiny Air B+B flat.

"Spooning is out, spatulaing is the next big trend. Slide up behind your partner and then launch them out of bed"