second best photos of 2014


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Another shot of Kay, handsome devil.

Young Entrepreneur + GF.

Escalator, alligator!

Rain on the glass ceiling at Copley T.

"Power Surge" at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Me riding "Power Surge" at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


The view from the road between WTC and the BCEC.

Northern Outdoors Penobscot River Rafting is excellent. Went with some coworkers including Motvi (behind) and Liyuan (front and off-center)

Presiding over construction of the hoop bannner.

Trampoline date at Sky Zone (experimenting with that 'make a first date something adrenaline pumping' idea)

At EB's.... POOING BEARS EATING PEARS what more needs to be said?

Cool, our cross-honkish-band BABAM got mentioned by name in a Boston Globe article about our gig with the Landmark Orchestra!