original photo album part 1: the young years

October 11, 2018
Sometime during college or shortly thereafter I assembled my own photo album.

A long time ago I scanned it all and put it on my website, but at a relatively low resolution (see here)
so I decided to scan it all again. I reused all the old filenames I used as caption back then - sometimes carrying information I would have forgotten in the mean while.

When I scanned it, I broke it into 9 sections. Starting with "The Young Years" - including shots of my folks before I was around.

Open Photo Gallery

My mom on a ski trip her freshman year of college, 1966

Graduation Picture of my dad, Coshocton, 1967

Dad at Salvation Army Cadet Picnic, Star Lake camp, 1972

in Philadelphia, around 2 months old

First Christmas in Cleveland, house on Torbenson Drive, 1974

First Christmas in Cleveland, house on Torbenson Drive, 1974

Cleveland, about 7 months old

With Shinola, about 4 months old, Cleveland

With mom, New Jersey 1974

with Papa Sam, New Jersey summer of 1974

Cleveland, kitchen floor, playing peek-a-boo, about 7 months

Cleveland 1975 with Alyce Joseph

Cleveland 1975

Outside Grandma house in Coshocton for Thanksgiving 10-27-74

in Cleveland with Sarah Kitty, about 4 months

Ocean Grove New Jersey 1974

1978 Christmas with Papa Sam in Waltham

grandma and granpa israel me scott april 9 1982

in Philadelphia, around 2 months old

1st prize at County Fair, in Salamanca NY (chair apholstery by dad) 1979

Salamanca Halloween as Robot

at St Pats School with Mrs Keenan, Christmas maybe 3rd Grade

Sanford Street School band, 3rd Grade

Sanford Street with Mrs Dorvee and Principal Andy Garuchio, Fifth Grade

Cleveland Christmas 1975, living room floor

Darren Archibald, screeching friend on St Thomas, 1976-77

St Thomas, 1976-77

St Thomas Lindberg Bay with friends

St Thomas, 1976-77

St Thomas 1-17-77

St Thomas, 1976-77

St Thomas Lindberg Bay 1-20-77

St. Thomas with dad, 1977

Cincinnati, Halloween 1977

Doing On the Good Ship Lollipop at Cincinnati ARC Christmas 1977

Santa at Cincinnati ARC Christmas 1977

Dad and Santa Cincinnati ARC Christmas 1977

Cincinnati Fountain Square, Spring 1978

Preschool Graduation Salamance 1979

Christmas at Grandmas

Christmas in Salamanca 1981 or so

St Thomas Lindberg Bay with Dad - taken early evening on a free public beach - a couple of minutes from our house - by the airport

Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC. mabye 1982 under Puck - Lord What Fools These Mortals Be statue

Waldon Pond , 1984ish

Shinola with lamp,Cleveland, around 1975

St Pats school

Harvest Festival-Thanksgiving Time, picture by visiting Bedios, 1978

Main Street, Waltham,40th Wedding Anniversary of Grandparents,August 1983

with Nate at birthday party, Glens Falls, 1983

St Pats Jan 1983

with Cousin Scott Bedio, Harvest Festival 1978

in water at Ocean Grove, New Jersey, 1978ish

with Dad at Salamanca area whirlygig maker folkartist

Christmas in Waltham 1977-- Papa Sam Llara me and Aunt Susan

Papa Sam,Me, Mom and Willy 1980ish

Dads Cadet Farewell from NEOSA, Camp Herrick, Sept. 1970

Nana Philadelphia, two weeks after my birth,

with Wittenburg kids, Stacy, Danielle, Adam, maybe Christmas 1978, Cleveland

Coshocton, Christmas, maybe 1978

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, maybe 1982

Salamanca l980

Salamanca farewell March 1982

Birthday, Glens Falls, probably 1984 -skating along with Jimmy Rose

Glens Falls chapel, Dad Me and Pam, 1984ish

as ronald reagen mrs hoffmans english class 1986

"masculinity is violence on the horizon"