the "Logos" of logos

August 22, 2019
The team names and identities of the new XFL Teams:

The reveal video had some fun hyping each one:

So the video was fun and ambitious, but overall the teams are a lot more generic and less focused on their hometowns than the short-lived Alliance of American Football. (I snapshotted those here in February.)

Also I would mention Chris Creamer's - an amazing archive both of the logo history of teams in successful leagues, and many teams in leagues that have fallen by the wayside.
My tuba and I show up with a small interview in NBC 10's coverage of the ECCO protest march against our immigration policy. (Pretty sure I didn't say "we are all immigrants", exactly? I'm usually pretty careful to recognize First Peoples.)
Me: dear god. Please destroy ICE and Amazon

God: yo I gotchu

God: *melts ice caps and starts burning the rainforest*

Me: wait no