spring 2020 one second everyday quarantine edition

June 4, 2020

Reading about Weirdest Things Escape Room Employees have Witnessed, it sort of reminds me - I don't think I'll ever have an urge to do an Escape Room. (Yeah, I might be persuaded someyear, but just to be social.)

Mid-career and the trajectory seemingly established, comfortable in a role that's generally as "senior independent contributor" and not a manager... at my last job I was reporting to people significantly younger than myself. An anecdote about those young, more ambitious folks - beyond the way they seemed willing to devote more time and after hours attention to their jobs, one time when we were setting up crude online Pictionary for quarantine fun, they seemed more inclined to crank up the difficulty even before they knew what the game was.

I consider it a bit of a weakness that I am challenge adverse and prefer tasks that don't risk deflating my puffed up ego, but I still just don't deeply get "challenge for its own sake". Challenge for the sake of some other creative goal, yes.

Conversely, "challenge for its own sake" is good because then you get practice at standing up to those other more meaningful challenges. So there's something to it. Still, I prefer games and interactions that encourage creativity and innovation in myself and others.
Is this film more interesting than a documentary of the same actors having lunch?
Tying into the last ramble, I apply that same lens to games. A think-y strategy board game is generally less interesting than a nice conversation over beers.