Just a few online tools I didn't have a better place for...source available upon request.

chart making and polling tools

experimental minimalist polling ala doodle (devblog entry)
invoice tool
an absolutely trivial DIY invoice tool - fill the inputs (that look like text), then take a screen shot, or generate a link via the button at the bottom (mostly for coming back to it) (devblog entry)
A simple way of making a printable pill schedule (see its devblog entry)

design and text layout tools

A simplistic tool to help make CSS text-mask overlays.
Makes a block of text "fix-width" in HTML by adjust the font size of each line.
A text design toy playing with negative space and figure-ground reversal.
Experiment in faux-physical text pathing...
Give a starting and stopping RGB hex code, and it will give you color steps in between.
usa map shade charts
Quick and dirty hack to use grayscale to fill in a map of the united states, like for plotting state-correlated data.
clippy joke meme maker
Want to make a quick and dirty "It looks like you're trying to ______" gag? This is your tool!

text manipulation

convert tab delimted data to an html table or do a general line template. (Useful for copying and pasting track listings from iTunes!)
js-based regex toy; apply a regular expression to a series of lines
Shows you where the differences start and end for two lines of text. Might be useful for comparing computer "PATH"s or other long lines.
take tab delimited data shove into html tables...
Take text that has been "force wordwrapped" (usually for 80 colunns) and makes it ready for new word-wrapping, preserving paragraphs and what not.
sort of
A simple sorting tool, returns the lines you enter in alphabetically sorted order.
sortof (tabular)
breaks lines on whitespace, assumes top row is headers, and that rows have more than one whitespace character between
Strips out empty lines from plain text. (The opposite of whitespace...har!)
The basic HTML-character escaping almost any web coder has written about 1,000 times...
Web interface to a very, very primitive "grep" like function.

time based

time toy
Calculate the time difference between two dates, or find the date that is N days (or hours or minutes etc) from a given start date, or just get a list of upcoming "superdays". (Here is my orginal version from 2001)
day of the week (multiyear edition)
Show the day of the week for any given date. (This version cowritten with ChatGPT... Ancient versions: day of the week / multiyear edition)
range of dates
Clunky jsfiddle starting with a date, and showing a series of incremented days after
*nix timestamp converter
(Scroll beaneath the cartoons.) Every once in a while I need a quick way to convert a "Unix Time Stamp" (seconds since Jan 1 1970) into something I can understand.
simple countdown timer Count down to 00:00:00. You can pass in simple RGB colors for the background and foreground for the start and once it hits zero, e.g. this link. See my devblog for more info.
customizable pt reps vocalizer
browsers can speak these days, and this page is good at letting you set up exercise routines that rely on timing.
A trivial timer and notepad to help standup teams not get lost in he weeds.

geek general

gowen's tip calculator
A javascript tip calculator to figure out "interesting values"
bookmarkable random list order shuffler
make a random order of a return-separated list of items - great for determining order at virtual standups!
wordle two letter permutator
Slightly less cheat-y cheat script for when you have 3 greens and would otherwise have to permutate the remaining two blanks in your head.
A little tool I had ChatGPT help me make (as I currated by photos of the year) with side-by-side real time HTML editing...
youtube + vimeo resizer
Modify youtube and vimeo embed code to whatever width you want.
Simple javascript to view a numbered series of online images on a single page.
A primitive grade-one braille translation tool, converting plain braille characters to text.
Simple tool that takes an annotated flickr page and turns the notes into an ordinary HTML imagemap.
Display all images (or any content) linked to from a given URL in one page.
On a SQL logging tool I was using for work, I could see prepared statements and their parameters, but on separate lines. This brings them together!
Often time photo frames are different proportions and ratios then digitial photos. This lets you find out how to crop a photo so it fits another ratio.
$2,000,000 50x Cashword scratch-off solver/checker
For that one type of scratch-off puzzle game where you get a bunch of letters and then have to see if they have enough letters for the crossword-y bit.
Another great tool is this Dan Hersam's Smart Quotes Remover (not hosted here)