i <3 the orange line


--it has a happy(ish) ending! I wonder about those red boxes on the video, some security system that figures out where people are?
It's fun to think about alternative universes, where what "might've been" is what is. Also fun: remember then that THIS universe is someone's alternative.
http://www.slate.com/id/2235357/ - heh, Y2K, a look back. Man, 11 years ago I was pretty uptight!
If I wasn't so neurotic I could write "yes, that Wed. is when my mom arrives" not "yes, that Wed. is what I wrote down for my mom's arrival" Heaven For-f'in-fend that I EVER be the bearer of misinformation! Is it a weasel-y way of being scared of being caught out, or a somewhat noble regard for the strict accuracy?
From a Zen perspective, can one be "free of ego" but also "take pride in ones work"? Seems like diligence is tough without the latter.
I'd love a program to replace all my iTunes album art with random Flick'r images. (And then put the cover art back when I realize this is a bad idea. Still the image/song synchronicity in the meantime might be cool.)
"Shake=Undo" must be the worst iPhone gesture ever. It's so designer-cutesy but useless-can't control how much is undone- and easy to "oops"