confessions of an obsessive doodler


--Not unlike what I did - yikes, five years ago, right down to stylized dracula/wolfman/frankenstein/mummy, though this time I think I'll refrain from annotating every damn one. (Also it didn't scan too too well but I'm pleased with the 3Dness I got in that nose. I really have trouble with adding depth to anything I doodle.)

Man, five years! Chronologically that's more than college!

This reminds me I need to reinvigorate efforts to improve my doodle-upload mojo.
If Scott Joplin could have visited a century into the future, the most shocking part would be his music coming from trucks.

"You're more secure in your masculinity than I thought."
"Like a vault! Of testicles!" -- charting those Choose Your Own Adventure Books. Intriguing study in the shared history of many Generations-Whatevers...
Super congratulation to my Portuguese host Johnny who just defended her thesis and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!
"Get your _____ on" (drink on, smile on, dance on) was to mid-00s what "It's All Good" was to the early-00s.
oh great, more Lusty Ladies and their precious thinky thoughts.