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playlist october 2012

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Found around 25 songs ("3 star and up") in October. 4 stars in red, links prefaced with a * are particularly fun to watch videos.

Bigband and/or Bigdrums Love Found Love Lost Hiphop 80s/90s Retro Rural Other

What did the guy say to his glasses? I can see right through you.
Joke I made up this morning. While looking for my glasses.
Fetch from the stick's PoV:

We can't say that steroids caused any one home run by Barry Bonds, but steroids sure helped him hit more and hit them farther. Now we have weather on steroids.
Eric Pooley, VP of the Environmental Defense Fund, on Superstorm Sandy

fun visual puns about disney + star wars -- only 1 darth-in-mickey ears.
I will never apologize for America
Mitt Romney banner ad.
I will never apologize for the United States -- I don't care what the facts are...
VP George Bush
I hate Republicans. The idea that we are above apology is disgusting.

November 2, 2012

Ancestor worship must be an appealing idea to those who are about to become ancestors.
Steven Pinker

first doodle on my mini ipad

November 3, 2012

Single on Facebook, it must be official.

There is no human society without some musical tradition. Although the traditions are very different, some principles can be found everywhere. For example, musical sounds are always closer to pure sound than to noise. The equivalence between octaves and the privileged role of particular intervals like fifths and fourths are consequences of the organization of the cortex. To exaggerate a little, what you get from musical sounds are super-vowels (the pure frequencies as opposed to the mixed ones that define ordinary vowels) and pure consonants (produced by rhythmic instruments and the attack of most instruments). These properties make music an intensified form of sound experience from which the cortex receives purified and therefore intense doses of what usually activates it. So music is not really a direct product of our dispositions but a cultural product that is particularly successful because it activates some of our capacities in a particularly intense way.
Pascal Boyer
(he goes on to say we do the same thing with colors, filling our environments with pure and "unnatural" saturated colors.)

remember there is a totally scary skeleton inside you right now

Just an FYI: The number of unlikely things that can happen is so large, you can be assured that unlikely things are likely.

I simply can't resist a cat, particularly a purring one. They are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course.
Mark Twain

love this video


november blender of love

November 5, 2012



I understand why people hate the DST thing, but the minute you say our summer evenings should end an hour earlier, you are dead to me.

November 6, 2012

RIP Uncle Bill

uncle bill

My Uncle Bill passed away last night, in a hospital bed but surrounded by family. After we had a mini-wake with lots of "Grey Goose Martinis, straight up"

I sort of enjoy how the Fox News website makes a "Four More Years" headline sound like a threat when to me it's a promise.
Obama raised the bar for how bad an economy you can get reelected with. But future historians will scoff, 'That was in the Tea Party era.'

November 8, 2012

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pretty sure the opposite of 'peas in a pod' is 'bees in a bod'

There are no real majorities, only pluralities and coalitions.

If You're Surprised By The Election Results, You're The Reason You Lost, Or: A Plea For Useful Republicans Wow. Comparing Republican's confidence before Romney's loss to the Democrat's realism before Kerry' loss in 2004 is super telling. This is some of why modern mainstream conservatism is terrible: the Republicans have become the party of "if the facts don't match the theory, change the facts." A great thoughtful piece by what sounds like a true moderate.
One thing I've learned (by being even faintly aware of politics over 20 years): any talk of any "perpetual political majority" is foolish.
I like the gay friendly patter by Chuck Berry in "My Ding-A-Ling". Also the faint English accents of the crowd in the chorus.
Fox News and Rush Limbaugh don't actually care about the GOP. They really don't. They are in the business of terrifying aging white people for money.

November 9, 2012

"Thrift Shop" A bit NSFW and raucous, but funny:

Value judgments are destructive to our proper business, which is curiosity and awareness.
John Cage

some words about my uncle bill

My family was so touched by what Josh wrote on the comments here the other day that they asked him to speak at my Uncle Bill's funeral today, but compared to the following tribute he wrote in some personal e-mail... well, I wanted to share it here. Josh has a combination of an truly open heart and adeptness with words that's all too uncommon these days...
You are right. He would never have wanted to live incapacitated after the stroke. He would have hated being dependent on others to take care of him. He always insisted on being independent--to go where and when he wanted to, to choose his own activities, and I think even more importantly to read what and when he wanted to. According to what I read in the emails, he would have lost all or most of his autonomy, at least in the short term, after the stroke and that would have made him unhappy.

As for the Alzheimer's, I saw that in March when I visited. He had forgotten how much time he and I had spent together talking about books and politics, going to the movies and dinner, and going to the bookstore. I had to remind him of these things, and I had to tell him, not that I minded, how much I love and admire him. He seemed surprised to hear that, but I know that before I moved to Japan in 2004, he knew that because we spent a lot of time together. It was almost like he forgot that when his mother died, he called me to go out for dinner and to a movie (this was before I moved in), and that when I lived there we spent hours together talking about literature and history and politics and watched a few PBS series together. I am glad that I saw him in March and that I got the chance to remind him of all that he meant to me and that he showed me how to be a great husband and friend.

When I think of the definition of a spiritual, religious, and righteous man, it is always Bill that comes to mind right away. If I were asked to name whom I think lived by Christian ideals, as I said to Susan a number of years ago, Bill is that person.

You are so fortunate to have had him as your uncle and to have spent your life with him. He's such a fount of love, knowledge, enthusiasm, and devotion. One of things that I noticed about you is how much of Bill is in you. When you and I hung out in Japan, I really was reminded of Bill in many ways. Of course, you are a wonderful guy and wholly by your own individuality, but I really felt that you had internalized Bill's quests for knowledge and his devotion to family and friends. I know that talking with him all those years ago,he really loves and admires you. He really looked up to you and admired everything that you have become.

I am sure that for the rest of my life, whenever you and I meet, I will be searching for Bill in you. Amber is really lucky to have you because you have inherited Bill's capacity for love and devotion. I am lucky, too, for your friendship.

Bill's legacy will live on through you, Kirk, and you should know that you are worthy of it and that you have become an amazing person in all aspects of your life. I am sure that Susan, too, sees how much you take after Bill and that you're being so close to her will comfort her and be a constant reminder of how good of man Bill was and you have become.


November 11, 2012

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Today, let us honor vets like my grandpa, who survived Pearl Harbor and 'Pearl Harbor' the movie and pronounced them 'equally dumb.'

They should make a reality show called You Are Here To Make Friends where you have to make friends with everyone.

If you go to Mitt Romney's Facebook page and click refresh, you can actually watch his 'likes' drop in real time.

the funniest truest possible answer to "Why Doesn't MTV play music videos anymore?":

http://randomshopper.tumblr.com/ - kind of genius, Darius has made a virtual 'bot that has a $50 budgets and buys him random things -- its been described as "the saddest, most nihilistic thing ever".

November 12, 2012

Facebook is a lot like ancient Egypt, people writing on walls and worshiping cats

Whenever someone tells me "Mac 'just works'" I'll think back to trying to open an iMovie project on a different mac. It's like 1994 called and they want their "The document could not be opened, because the application program that created it could not be found" back.


such a lovely autumn night- I removed my shoes and socks to feel the cool grass of the park underfoot on my way home

November 13, 2012

from Zen Pencils, "cartoon quotes from inspirational folks:

November 14, 2012

Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.
George Carlin

so much nintendo

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A rep from MBA online encouraged me to repost this, and it's kind of fun, so why not. (It's interesting though... in the short term, I think the consensus is that Nintendo is suffering, despite the success of the Wii, it's kind of getting squeezed by the other consoles for the "serious" player, and by iOS devices for the casual...)
The crows maintain that a single crow could destroy the heavens.

November 16, 2012

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facebook.com/DirtyOldBoston/photos_stream - pre-gentrified Boston and Camrbidge. Like Instagram minus the hipsterism. (via cmg)
Enjoying the chronological dichotomy of listening to C+C Music Factory's "Things That Make You Go Hmmm" on a newish iPhone. "Things that make you go... Hmmmm" was a good meme before we knew what memes were.

November 17, 2012

When I was a child, I used to pray to God for a bicycle. But then I realized that God doesn't work in that way--so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.
Emo Phillips
Kind of sounds like the foreign policy we had in the 2000s.
It is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us.
Reverend Mackerel,"Mackerel Plaza" by Peter De Vries

God made man because He loves stories.

In a dangerous world there will always be more people around whose prayers for their own safety have been answered than those whose prayers have not.
Nicholas Humphrey's Law of the Efficacy of Prayer

For many years now, you and I have been shushed like children and told there are no simple answers to the complex problems that are beyond our comprehension. Well, the truth is there are simple answers. They are just not easy ones.
Ronald Reagan, inaugural address as governor as California
I would argue "and maybe not good ones".
Miracles aren't always blessings.

November 18, 2012


hard day basementing

November 19, 2012

Mike Tyson as photographed by Howard Schatz, from this slate piece on his new book with photographs of boxers:

ESPN Football Coverage and Princess Bride Reference, dig it!

Kyrie Irving's Dunks for Footlocker:

November 20, 2012

http://kirkdev.blogspot.com/ - new on my devblog, introducing http://trunKit.alienbill.com/ - a simple workaround to a common visual design problem...
Boingboing writes about a new Tarzan books and includes this terrific image:

Imma eat so much Turkey on Thursday, it's gone back in time and made me sleepy now.

November 21, 2012

Whenever a jacket zipper splits from the bottom, my first thought is always 'I'm never going to get out of this.'

Found on the internets:

November 22, 2012

Before God and the bus driver we are all equal.
German Proverb

iMovie is a UX disaster. Reminds me of everything I used to hate about Macs. "my way or the highway- not intuitive for you? Get stuffed."

branches and trees

"It's like a tree. You know, some of the branches get old and die and it's more ok if they break off because they're dried out and dusty. But our branch was still kind of young and fresh. And maybe that's why I feel so sappy."

"Hee. That's pretty complex. Did you just think of all of that?"

"For a little bit. At first I thought the metaphor was a young tree, but then I realized it was just branches. The tree lives on. The tree lives on."

November 24, 2012

A poor dancer is impeded by his own balls.
Russian Saying (akin to a poor workman blames his tools)

Looking for references to that joke I found the Wikipedia page about Russian Jokes including this one:
A Frenchman, a Japanese and a Russian were trapped by Tzar. He locked them in a closed chamber and asked to surprise him using three steel balls ... the winner will be released, the others will be executed. In a week the Frenchman demonstrates a juggle with the balls. The Japanese has created a rock garden. The Russian sits sad in his chamber with only one ball in his hands. The Tzar asks him: "Why are you so sad and where are the other balls?". The Russian answers: "One broken, one lost".

Also, this old kisrael entry has some jokes I heard from actual Russians.
Mark Sanchez, QB of the Jets, running into his teammate at full fumble speed:

His dejected look at the end... via

November 25, 2012

If Grand Theft Auto had a main character who was a horse with magical powers it would look like this, oddly captivating:

Vanilla Ice-Nine: anybody who hears him rapping instantaneously stops, collaborates and listens until death claims them.

Anyone who admits to having made 'my share of mistakes' has in fact made far more than his share of mistakes.

'All-Purpose' flour shouldn't be able to call itself that. Terrible as a bodywash.

Inner-City Wizard School...

Actually Kottke's other Key & Peele links are all great, I need to see more of these guys: http://kottke.org/12/11/inner-city-wizard-school

November 26, 2012

The moon for 2013, one frame = one hour.

via Slate
future self: for selecting multiple calendars on the iPhone: m.google.com/sync is broken because it lacks a link to https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect
http://kirkdev.blogspot.com/ - on my ui blog, Zachstronaut's fun and easy "rotate3Di" library for sweet 3D-ish flip transitions.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Well, actually it is mostly paved with human skulls; but the good intentions serve as a thickening agent.
God, "The Last Testament"

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; he leadeth me beside the still waters. Then one morning he bringeth me to the shed out back and boom!, he maketh me into lamb chops.
God, "The Last Testament"

Favorite artist: Jackson Pollock, because I am in on the dirty little secret of his success: he was not an abstract expressionist.

Jackson Pollock was trying to paint landscapes the whole time.

He was a terrible, terrible painter.
God, "The Last Testament"

I came, I saw, She conquered. (Something seems to have been lost in the original translation...)

http://www.thisismyjam.com/kirkjerk -- missed a few weeks but my 5 Star List is back with a vengeance: the tightest, funkiest cover in the world... Maynard Ferguson covers Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon"

the tweets of god

The book "The Last Testament: A Memoir by God" is kind of intriguing. In parts it's a scathing parody, but like a lot of scathing parodies, it expresses some intriguing and insightful points about its subject matter, and like a few scathing parodies, there's some affection for the subject there. I quote from the related Twitter feed TheTweetOfGod often, and these were my favorite of the "100 Top Tweets" the book leads off with...
Yes, I'm pro-life. But if you're familiar with my work you know I'm not exactly anti-death either.
Every positive role religion plays in society also falls under the category of "good manors."
Closed-mindedness makes you incapable of learning. Open-mindedness makes you intellectually vulnerable. Be ajar-minded.
"It's funny because it's true" + "the truth hurts" = it's funny because it hurts. And that's what comedy is.
The problem with government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" is obvious to anyone who's ever dealt with people.
You can kill time as much as you like, but sooner or later it will return the favor.

I'm acting guardian for Emma, Amber's older kitty. I like her temperament; not too aloof, enjoys being pet, but not in your face and lap all the time.

One indulgence she likes is being pet while she's eating, which seems a little over the top to me, but I'm kind of a soft touch for this kind of thing, so she'll usually get a few strokes from me. Still, if there was ever that much of a question about the relationship between humans and cats, that kind of settles it...

Emma is trying too hard to be cute

November 28, 2012

Household tasks are easier and quicker when they are done by somebody else.
James Thorpe

Delight lies somewhere between boredom and confusion.
E. H. Gombrich, "The Sense of Order"

November 29, 2012


playlist november 2012

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November was a terrible month for me in most ways, but oddly enough a great one for discovering music, especially Golddust which you really need to watch.

All songs here I call 3 stars or better, 4+ star songs I've colored red. Songs with videos (vs just static image music uploads) are marked with an exclamation point, multiple exclamation points indicate extra goodness.

Club Comedy Hip-Hop -- all of these have kind of some crude (or worse) lyrics but man, they are some of the funniest videos I'd seen in a long while. Comedy Other Alt Retro Rural Hip-Hop

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