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i bought new underwear they're blue


Ran into some new music in Europe, including this "Eurovision" winning track.

Volker and Veronika mentioned this entry was kind of promoted by Stefan Raab... that's the same guy who did that odd "wire mesh fence" song I kisrael'd a while back. He thought Germany needed a better showing in the contest, and I guess it worked! This year he promoted a song by the same artist, which led to him doing a rockabilly version of the same song live (since Lena won but couldn't perform to start the next year's show...)

Now I have 4 songs titled "Satellite"...this, Elvis Costello's, Smash Mouth's, and Dave Matthews'.
When you land, you have to wait for your soul to catch up.
Friend of Tracey Emin, on Flying.

30 Days of Super Heroes Day 1: Big Bruiser


mr. roku!


--Kinda like how you get to see the "sell" the other wrestlers do to show this kid's amazing luchadore-ish power... via
In retrospect, one thing I really dig about London: that many of the billboards on Tube stations are for books. I'm reading "The Pregnant Widow" by Martin Amis now, wot I saw on the tube.
30 Days of Super Heroes Day 2: Technology Hero Robot

"Jake 2"

froggy went a screamin' he did ride uh-huh


--I had no idea bullfrogs could make a noise like that until the other day an Intern at work pulled up one of these videos. Crazy, so human!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3JCESdFNyw You know, the farce of contemporary art is that cyriak wasn't in any gallery I saw in Europe. (Still wish http://b3ta.com had an archive of their front page entries.)
Rule number one: the most important thing about you is your date of birth. Which puts you inside history. Rule number two: sooner or later, each human life is a tragedy, sometimes sooner, always later.
Martin Amis, "The Pregnant Widow"

30 Days of Super Heroes Day 3: Weapon Here

Pistol Packin' Mona

the facepalm of paul revere


I loved Boingboing's response:

Man. And you know, it's not just the ignorance, it's the ignorance warped by political agenda.
Vehicles Built and Driven by Animals. Nature is amazing.

playlist: season_2011 1 spring

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Another quarter gone by, another 40-odd songs discovered, or rediscovered...

FWIW, I slightly modified how I listen to this music. For a long while I've been building resetting my seasonal playlist at the start of each season. But that led to songs added late in the season not getting as much play, which in turn led to stuff like me holding off on downloading a song 'til the beginning of the next quarter, which kind of missed the point of an ongoing "new music in my life" playlist. So, now I mostly listen to a rolling playlist of the last 25 songs added. I also added a "last 25 songs, 4 stars or higher", which makes my the ranking a little more meaningful...


One five star track last season: A few 4 star songs: Other songs I liked enough to want to put into my collection:

eye over ny


--via BB on aweseome RC plane flights. I guess the legality is kinda questionable, but man, what a view!
We laugh at death because we know death will have the last laugh on us.
Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "Chuckles Bites the Dust"

did they just say you can now use the volume buttons to snap iPhone photos? All that fuss! ..wonder if photo gallery gets folder management?
From Apple keynote:"App manages presentation of its own documents." Reminds me of the old Mac days:"the application program that created it could not be found". It seems like such an odd vision of the future, all these islands of piles of files, each app using whatever metadata it sees fit. if the existing iPhone camera roll is any indication, "no sorting" is it.
I'd say Apple vs Microsoft is done. Next: Apple vs the Web (and then Apple vs Owning Files?) I'm worried about the rise of monoculture.
@dianebrat I liked trusting gmail et al w/ server data, but knowing i could control my own files. Apple seeks to blur the distinction...

hero team

So I'm taking up Miller's 30 Day Drawing Challenge: Superheroes... the first week is setting up the basic team, here's mine.

I'd encourage anyone who ever doodles to give this a try! If nothing else, admire some of the cool work that's being put on the tumblr!
Hate the device lock-in implied by iMessage. The goal is Apple's world, we just live in it. Hope it's the next "Ping".
Realize that I have two non-overlapping camps of followees tweeting keynotes: E3 games and Apple. Mixed feelings not being in former group.
Every time I copy and paste an HTML attribute in Eclipse, it hourglasses for about 20 seconds. Rage building.
Ain't no party like a Turing party, 'cause a Turing party may or may not stop.

now that's gonzo


via 22 words

falling for you

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--via 22 words, posted here for Amber because even though she doesn't like youtube videos she sometimes likes this kind of stuff... Makes you wonder if NYPD is just looking to get the revenue or what...



--via Bill the Splut. Love the soundtrack
Lodsys should have no problems with the "non-obviousness" of their patent-- in that it's 100% non-obvious that has f***-all to do with actual apps.

run away


--This is the Gnarls Barkley song I was looking for today, after hearing the instrumental version in "X-Men: First-Class"
Just saw "X-Men: First Class" -- probably the best X-men flick. Anyone know the "go-go" music when they're recruiting Angel and the others?
Gnarls Barley Run - try googling a little harder silly!

the hoop's point of view


--via BB. Amazing. Man I wish I could hulahoop.
The most daring thing to do with your life is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.

Sorry suckers. Being an adult isn't being a joyless bitch. Eat cupcakes, wear sneakers, read comics and FUCK THE WORLD. RT THAT

If you watch NASA backwards, it's about a space agency that has no spaceflight capability, then does low-orbit flights, then lands on moon.

loveblender de juin, il est arrivé!

Kirk and Amber, sittin' in Paree--
b-r-u-s-h-ing their teeth!



via Bill the Splut
aw big ol sneeze all over my computer screen WELL AT LEAST THE COLORS ARE PRETTY

If 90% of everything is crap, it's not the same 90% for everyone! We need more EVERYTHING!

The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.


Another week's worth of my entries in Miller's 30 Day Drawing Challenge:Superheroes. (Not too late to join in!)
Power corrupts: this is not a metaphor. And writers were instantly corrupted by the mad power of choice.
Martin Amis, The Pregnant Widow. This is why I have trouble writing.

The muscular little charcoal birds, thirteen of them, were working, climbing, far above the mountaintops. Nearer the ground, the yellow canarini (they were actually much bigger than canaries) gave a sudden unanimous cackle. They weren't laughing at him, he realised, or not at him in particular. They were laughing at human beings. What was it about us that they found so funny?
We're birds! they were saying. And we fly! All day we do what you do in your dreams. We fly!
Martin Amis "The Pregnant Widow"

If you don't have time to drink 8 glasses of water a day, at least leave your mouth open during rain storms.

Is it Penny Arcade's mention of "El Shaddai" or the "lord of lords" idea leading to Duke Nuke'em "Hail to the King" ads on the Amy Grant song video?
Margaritas taste a whole lot better when you're not pregnant.

mamas don't let your babies grow up to be cat toys...


Internet Explorer is the most chav of all the browsers.
revelation in a dream last night

Kindness now interests me more than intelligence. Knowledge and cleverness have their allure. But a supple heart is worth far more than a quick and educated mind.
Marta Flanagan

http://factlets.info/Placebo - "Studies show placebos are twice as effective as they were 25 years ago."
Man, 28 Great Movies From the Perspective of Minor Characters really resonated with me...
Kids: God's little awkward moments machines.
Linda on Better Off Ted

Yeah, "Better Off Ted"'s Veridian Dynamics + Portia de Rossi really holds its own against Portal's Aperture Science and GLaDOS... now I really wanna see more of Andy Richter Controls the Universe.
CONGRATS BRUINS! (self-deprecating thought, all the Boston fans going, wait, what about the fourth quarter?) Yay Boston Sports!
Man, Chara is 6'9"?? When he picked up the Stanley Cup from that official guy it looked like an optical illusion.

kissing riot


--Now that's how to celebrate a riot... NPR has more info
I like to read [the Boston Metro] if other people are reading it, but I don't like to touch it.
Amber on the T this morning

time and place


The caption was "I drained 3s all day!"-- the site is Dear Photograph where people overlay an old photograph over the current scene.

I'm kind of sad about how relatively few options I have for this, in terms of places I've lived at least.

The idea reminds me of my old ghost of a snowman, though that was a product of a digital age.
http://www.boingboing.net/2011/06/17/vegas-earth-moving-t.html I think I found out what I want for Christmas...
Saying someone has too much time on his hands is another way of saying you think he doesn't watch enough TV. http://bit.ly/l7SVvn

PROTIP: ctrl-shift-del opens up history clearing dialog in the big 3 browsers. (Though IE might need restarting to REALLY clear, sigh.)


click to play

paintworms - - built with processing
Paint with the mouse and you make a paint worm that then tries to head to the center...space bar clears... a little toy for KotMK #48


click to play

learnworms - source - built with processing
Not too unlike yesterday, but here you paint a worm with the mouse and it "learns" and repeats the pattern. (Space clears.) Another little toy for KotMK #48
via SpindleyQ: Thank you, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, for these lovely jokes http://t.co/KRpse5K
FWIW, digging the "QVS" stylus for iPad... like $8 at Microcenter (at the impulse item section)- has a clip and great smooth round end.


Coworker sent this one around... one of the most amazing "looks like it's moving but it's not" I've ever seen. (I also like the Madelbrot Set shout out) Click it for the full size version, around 4 times as large and a lot more effective.

a good time to be a boston sports fan


In retrospect the Atari Program Exchange (APX) seems like the best thing ever, wish I was old enough to have ordered stuff from it.
Rust, fire and explosions are the same process, taking place at different rates.

15. William Faulkner on Ernest Hemingway

"He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary."

14. Ernest Hemingway on William Faulkner

"Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?"

Mixed feelings on the Solstice... a little sad to know it's all downdark from here.
No one earns $100 million. You steal $100 million.
Fran Lebowitz

You're too young to remember this, but to someone my age, it was shocking that Ronald Reagan would be the president of the United States. Why not Dana Andrews, who was a better actor? Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States. Anything that follows that is understandable.

one for the ages

Making the rounds yesterday... what is allegedly the bartab of the Boston Bruins, including a $100K giant magnum of champagne...

Now that, boys and girls, is an epic bar tab.
Tyche [chance] is as relentless a mistress as Ananke [necessity]
Norbert Wiener

You know you're in trouble when even the main villain in your story is complaining about the plot and wishing he were a character in a more interesting book.

Reassuring AND discouraging when googling up some development how-to and seeing a bunch of links colored "already seen" from way back when.

to the rescue!

Another week's worth of my entries in Miller's 30 Day Drawing Challenge:Superheroes.

I think Iron Munro is one of the sweetest ideas ever, especially in terms of the connection with the novel "Gladiator"- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Munro

the triangle and its combinations


I think this is from "Hornung's Handbook of Designs & Devices" , via a cool (if long) history of the fallout shelter sign.
Things learned yesterday: svn/tortoise has an "export" feature that's the best way of copying a dir tree sans all those little svn files.

best crossword ever

--via 22words.

cannon mountain

Today we went up to New Hampshire for a belated Father's Day thing for Amber's folks. We went to Polly's Pancake Parlor.

make wind for ducklings


Maybe I could foster more equanimity and tranquility about the frustrations of MBTA if I saw it as a force of nature, like the weather, not as a product of human incompetence.
*Coconut* Twix?? What does that even MEAN???

chan is the man


--via (or something like it) 22words
http://www.slate.com/slideshow/arts/is-this-a-gay-bar/ Trends in Gay Bar names...



via superhoeroes.memebase.com
http://www.slate.com/id/2297924/ - subversive headline vs sub-headline: "BUSH V. GORE / Is it worse for a child to see pornography or graphic violence?"

haw haw


--thoughts on hair spray, slowed down... via 22 words
Neatening up the edge of my beard I may have gone a smidge too far. Now I'm worried that cheek is a tad more amish than the other.

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