november 2019 new music playlist

December 2, 2019
What A Five-Star song???

Whole Lotta Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars vs. Led Zeppelin)
DJs From Mars
Fun mashup.
For some reason I've been stockpiling old Best of Booties.

Hypnotize Mama (Notorious B.I.G. vs. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack)
DJ Schmolli
Hiphop mash.
For some reason I've been stockpiling old Best of Booties.

Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)
Excellent hiphop. Wish I could roll my Rs.
Caught this on some random tweet.
Track Suit Kopanitsa
Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
"Track Suit" is a popular song in the HONK crowd- this mixes it East European hardcore.
My friend Dave B had a copy of the new ENSMB album when it was still upcoming, we listened to it on the way back from PRONK
Trombone Shorty
Instrumental, some sweet horns.
My young bandmante Ezequiel loves this song, we might try to work up an arrangement for our group.
Nicki Minaj
I think there's a Street Fighter backstory I'm missing here...
this page on Tik-Toks
Under the Milky Way
Very pretty and romantic song.
Reading up the back story of that old VW "Pink Moon" ad, originally they were thinking of the original version of this, but I liked this better than "The Church"'s original.
Once In a Lifetime
Talking Heads
Kind of a classic...
Saw David Byrne live recently! Realized I didn't have much of his older stuff.
Atheists Don't Have No Songs
Rocky Mountain Jewgrass
I think Steve Martin made up this song maybe? But I like this version better.
Found a reference to it doing Blog cleanup...

To Turn You On
Nataly Dawn & Ryan Lerman
This song moved me greatly when first hearing it... it just captures all the energy of every post-breakup person I've chased after.
- found doing backlog grooming
Holy Water
Struggle Jennings
Kinda redneck hiphop, and I think Jesus-y?
from the end credits of the season finale "What We Do in the Shadows"

Super Good
Russian song - Melissa look up the translation, about how many of his peers left the country but the singer stayed behind and is doing "Super Good"
From "What We Do in the Shadows" orgy episode end music ...
You Spin Me Round (feat. Silver Letomi)
The old How To Make A Blockbuster Movie Trailer had this song with "Introduce Unexpected Cover of a Classic Hit" (more specifically, 'creepy gal singing...' I'd say) - they released it as a single but honestly they left way too much movie trailer in it - a proper moody female vocal cover of "You Spin Me Round" would be awesome.
What More Can I Say
Angry hiphop.
Seeing Trever Noah live, this was his walk-on music.

Beautiful modern stuff.
Heard in a New Jersey Old Navy

They Don't Make Em Like Me
Pigeon John
I adore the Motown sound of this, combined with modern stuff
This was background music for a new RAZR phone ad
A Thousand Miles
Vanessa Carlton
What am I, a young woman in the early 2000s? Maybe.
Some random Youtube recommendation.

The Wire
Acoustically these folk are doing really interesting stuff, and the breakup theme, but from the breaker rather than breakee, is a good match to "To Turn You On" above.
This tweet: "What is the name for the mental disorder where you listen to The Wire by Haim five times in a row" --@bea_ker

As a liberal, do you agree with Donald Trump on anything at all? An interesting point about how Trump maybe has the benefit of challenging some of the presumptions of the global political status quo. Right now I'm reading "A Warning (by Anonymous)" and I think both that book and the Quora answerer also point out that- he does not study issues nearly deeply enough or listen to enough studied opinions for a person who wields as much power as he does.

Also, compared to the Neocons, he's less bellicose - GWB nostalgia is kind of weird given that whole Cheney Iraq trumped up thing.

(I am by no means a Trump supporter or fan, and I also recognize that focusing on his global political outlook is neglecting the damage he is doing to so many groups at home.)

To be an American is of itself almost a moral condition, an education, and a career.
George Santayana
via Eun Kim's "The Ying and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox", a turn of the millennium view of the USA from a Korean lens. (Found in a used bookstore in Maine)

november 2018 new music playlist

December 2, 2018
A lot of catchy songs in November, including a (relatively rare) 5 star.

5 Star: 4 Star: 3 Star:

november 2017 new music playlist

December 2, 2017
Good month for music, 4 star stuff in red, in descending "you should hear this" order.
Republicans are so full of shit. Even when they said they cared about the deficit. Not as much as sucking up to their corporate backers! (LOL Democrats opposed the bill because it was "too good" and they wouldn't get credit. Trump uses delusion the way a carpenter uses nails)

When every non-partisan group tells you your economic ideas are full of shit, that's not a bias in the groups, that's the bias of reality.

november 2016 new music playlist

December 2, 2016
A shorter than average list, sadly I didn't hear much new music in Malaysia. 4 stars in red, check out the video for Carment
The phoney electoral college made a laughing stock out of our nation. The loser one!
Donald Trump, on Twitter in 2012 when he wrongly thought Obama lost the popular vote. Presumably he meant to say "the loser won" not "one".

Very mixed feelings about Trump scotch taping his tie.

advent day 2

Ugh, vague feeling of remembering "Oh I should put this down someplace where I'll remember it" followed by less vague feeling of being pretty sure I didn't.
The 52 Things I learned in 2016. Whoa.

December 2, 2015

advent day 2

Looking at the book "Full Catastrophe Living", about mindfulness and meditation.

Folks who have some kind of meditation practice, or have embraced this stuff in general, I have a question...

So I can think of around 4 states of mind I could have during meditation, or even just in general
1. Blank
2. Weirdly detailed study of the immediate surroundings and/or body
3. pleasantly wandering
4. fretfully wandering

No of these, I'd only know for sure that 4 is discouraged.

In general I assume 1 and 2 are more promoted, though in at least one session, 3 seemed to not be discouraged. And I dug that, I think purposeful tangential musing is a pleasure I indulge in too rarely.

Anyway, which do you think most practices of mindfulness would have us aspire to? Of course the "Blank" is kind of interesting when applied to what's going on as we do another activity... sometimes it can be mean "so focused we're totally into what we're doing at the moment" and other times "so unfocused that we're just letting the subconscious processes run the show and are mindless rather than mindful"
If videogames were just meant to inject the greatest enjoyment at the lowest cost per unit, they would just be inefficient, unintuitive narcotics.
Ian Bogost

An oddly large amount of "spoken word" last month along with the usual abundance of tuba music- sometimes it almost seems to tell a story
Highlights include Cora saying "Car" on the 7th (which was my first word, actually), a boogying bee on the 9th, slow mo jenga on the 12th... a journey to a family funeral and Montreal included as well.

on the internet of things
From my dev blog, thoughts about a future with a ton of smart devices....

animal advent ala emberley day 2

December 2, 2014

Artistically not so great, but a fun try out of my new iPhone's slo-mo.

(Elio shared this editorial about how Star Wars was terrible for Sci-Fi, with a comment saying he kind of agreed. I started a comment but it kind of turned into a 5 paragraph mini-essay so I'm promoting it to this...)
Kindred is certainly an excellent book, but a LOT more literary and less what most people think of as "sci-fi", despite time travel elements; not that I'm the "sci-fi" police, but it feels a bit more like real-history-centered fantasy.

Star Wars brought a lived-in future look that nothing else had before; even 2001 was a bit sterile (though still astounding in its world building.) Alien/Aliens probably duplicate that feel best, later. It also had a sense of myth making, and that was a (semi-) conscious attempt to give culture epic stories to refer and relate to. And it worked.

Yeah, RotJ got back into duplicating the points (daring rescue, big death star destruction) of earlier stuff, and the prequels horribly shrunk the galaxy even more than it was when "oh btw Luke Leia and Darth are family". Still the core movie brought something new.

I think the main problem with it is that it hurt a 70s culture of smaller, less noisy and more personal films. I'm reading "The Secret History of Star Wars", and it talks about how desperate the studios were, how Easy Rider pointed the way to cheap films that could appeal to the new cultural sensibilities, but that stumbled, and then Star Wars and Jaws introduced the concept of giant blockbuster.

The other thing that book mentions is at one point Lucas had the idea of semi-annual Star Wars films, with a variety of directors and stylistic imprints. Empire happened, but was a combination of so fraught for Lucas, or something, that he retook control, and then started making his own "oh yeah I had this planned out all along" BS-myth. I have hopes that this JJ Abrams-led thing, and some set of spin-offs, might actually be more true to this spirit of neo-serials than what Lucas came up with later.

December 2, 2013

advent day 2

Interesting seeing Twitter's design evolution over time, especially the changeover 2008-2009.
Americans, like human beings everywhere, believe many things that are obviously untrue... Their most destructive untruth is that it is very easy for any American to make money. They will not acknowledge how in fact hard money is to come by, and, therefore, those who have no money blame and blame and blame themselves. This inward blame has been a treasure for the rich and powerful, who have had to do less for their poor, publicly and privately, than any other ruling class since, say, Napoleonic times.

'You're like an onion--so many layers'
'Yes, but you peel off one layer and you find another very similar layer'
-@improvboston Jam

December 2, 2012

advent day 2

javadvent day 2

December 2, 2011

The All-22 View of the NFL, where you can see all the players (albeit as stick figures) -- annoying that its kept so secret, I always thought some of the promise of HD TV was allowing multiple viewpoints, including presumably that one.


December 2, 2010

--"Stairway to Heaven Climbing Towers" from 5 4 insane videos that will freak you out if you're afraid of heights
Ah sweet old Republicans: "Screw bipartisanship; we're playing hardball until we get what we want on tax cuts for the wealthy." They are so unfit to govern -- actually, it's more like they just refuse.
Time exists in order that everything doesn't happen all at once...and space exists so that it doesn't all happen to you.
Susan Sontag

javadvent calendar day 2

December 2, 2009 - philosophic rambling of the day. I think the "something rather than nothing" quandary is worthy, but I don't think the questions on consciousness are well-formed.
Your name must be Citation, 'cause baby, you're needed.

the secret is the frog should know about the ocean but still be content in the well

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December 2, 2008
So yesterday I got around to putting a couple of hundred bucks in Beau's Virtual Christmas Kettle, for twitter I even made a tinyurl:

You can pick if the money goes to Beau's neck of the woods (and I think the Harbor Light program work he's involved in) or something local to you. I kind of wish they didn't offer the choice, both locales have their points and needs, and I kind of prefer to think of it as one big fund...

So like I've said... this year, donations are at risk of going down, and the need is way up. These days everyone feels that they might be somewhat at risk, but I hope everyone who isn't experiencing work issues tries to be as generous as they can without impacting their Plan Bs and Cs.

Story of the Moment
One day, lumbering up from the ocean, a tortoise passed by a well.
"Hey, come on and sit for a while!" said the frog.
"Do you live in this well?" asked the turtle.
"Sure! And I live like a king here! When I leap into the water, it supports my weight and keeps me afloat. And when I dive beneath the surface I relax and let the mud massage my legs. And in the evening if I don't want to stay in the well I jump up here. I stretch out a chink in the side of the well, where I sleep and dream curious dreams. And in the morning I jump down and play all around the well. I am happy like this every day. I see crabs and tadpoles in the well, too, but I don't think they are as happy as I am. Well, go in and take a look."
"I can't fit, your well is too small."
"But it's so big, how can you say it's small?"
"If you want to talk big, the Eastern Sea is big."
"Bigger than my well?"
"The Eastern Sea is so big, that a thousand miles isn't enough to measure the distance across, and a thousand yards isn't deep enough to describe its depth. You know, there was a time long, long ago when nine years out of ten there were continuous rains and floods, yet the Eastern Sea didn't get any bigger. And another time, seven years out of eight, there was a continuous drought, and yet the Eastern Sea didn't get any smaller. Now THAT is big. Your well is nothing in comparison."
Zhuangzi says: "The frog was limited by his well just like people are limited by knowledge. Knowledge can make us great, but it can also make us small; so we have to go beyond mere knowledge."
"Zhuangzi Speaks", translated by Brian Bruya, but without the fun illustrations by Tsai Chih Chung.
Borrowing the book from EB, lots of classic Taoist naturalist lessons.

I'm not sure what to make of this story though. Maybe the frog is right; maybe he doesn't need that knowledge to live his happy frog life, and the turtle is wrong to show a sense of scale that just doesn't matter. Or maybe it's the frog who is the blissful idiot?

Some other translations make it clear it is the frog who should be abashed, but to my thinking, the frog has a more Taoist outlook. He does what comes naturally to his froggish ways, he seems in harmony with the Tao, and his environment provides for him perfectly. So I like that this translation turns it into a bit of a warning against knowledge for its own sake.

I think that the secret is the frog should know about the ocean but still be content in the well.

Just put a few hundred to my buddy's Salvation Army virtual kettle: . *Rough* season; give if you got it.

you're a mean drunk, superman

December 2, 2007
Still Rockin' the Port, tearing down walls with EB.

Meanwhile, here is an animation of Superman drinking whisky:


December 2, 2006
Oy, the weekend. I'm in Delaware the latter half of next week, so this weekend I have to find that difficult balance of preparation for the trip next week and that big category of "anything that isn't damn work related".

IM of the Moment
FoSO: is delaware worth visiting?
kirk:let me ask you this: do you like the business sense of connecticut, the small-shore state feel of rhode island, and the black urban sensibility of the non-political parts of washington dc?
FoSO: wow, yes! sounds really nice...
kirk: huh, that sounds a lot better than I meant it to now that i read it

Toy of the Season

--I linked to this snowflake construction kit toy before, but it bears repeating. Still has some oddities, every once in a while you'll be making an elaborate creation, then go to cut off a little near the left-edge center, and then suddenly everything drops off except for that little bit you meant to remove... fortunately there's an Undo button. (Be warned I had poor results with the "Email This Flake" function.)

FoSO also pointed out Zefrank's Kaleidoscope-y variant

amazing gracelessness

December 2, 2005
Funny of the Moment
On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 Dhubghall wrote:
Of course that's one reason they were so effective as martial instruments [...] They could be heard above the battlefield noises. I got to expereince this a few years back at the big celtic fest/highland games in Phoenix. They were doing a demonstration of various heavy weapons fielded by various scots regiments and even when the gatling gun was on steady fire you could hear a pipe band performing.
Those guys on the gatling gun must have been bad shots.
Les Albert on

Link of the Moment
Boingboing linked to Happy Palace... a journal of unadorned but thoughtfully selected images from various sites, just the images and the links. Oddly compelling!

burn baby burn

December 2, 2004
Quote of the Moment
Some oxygen molecules help fires burn while others help make water, so sometimes it's brother against brother.
Alleged actual quote from a science student's paper, collected by Richard Lenderer.
That's a great geek poetic thought.

Martini of the Moment
This might be making the rounds, I think I heard it mentioned on the radio this morning, but the Algonquin Hotel's $10,000 Martini is...well, about what you'd expect a $10,000 Martini to be, I imagine. (I.e. mostly a publicity stunt, but an entertaining one.) I wonder what the "round table" woulda said...

Feh. I can't stand gin anyway. Maybe I've never had the good stuff but it always ends up tasting like pinesol to me.

bumper to bumper to bumper

December 2, 2003
Working from home a nice early start for an 8:30 meeting, and 7 1/2 years of New England driving, I have not seen 128 this bad. Well, maybe once, during a evening rush hour blizzard, but that's it. There wasn't much snow at all, but admittedly it was very slippery. 128N 1 mile per hour, absolutely literally (I clocked .3 miles in 20 minutes at one point.)

Pulling off to a McDs/Mobil rest station was a mistake...trying to get out of there, my speed was literally measured in yards per quarter hour. (On the other hand, 128 South was clear.)

Quickies of the Moment
Wouldn't the web be better if you had to dial it up with a rotary dial? I think so. Very retrogeekchic. For more minutes of retrogeek entertainment, check out the pixelated Flash adventures of Captain Lowrez.

Quote of the Moment
It is only with the heart one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
The Fox in 'The Little Prince'.
Someone posted this quote at work, in the original French and then with the English translation, and I posted a sticky: "You mean like Oxygen?" Shortly thereafter the sticky was removed.

back from the land of cleves

December 2, 2002
So I got back from Cleveland and my ten year reunion pretty much intact. It was great seeing people.

Hey Rosser-man, drop me a line, wouldya? Your sister mentioned that you like this site, and I see you have a link to it. Sounds like an interesting time you're having...and you beat my SAT score, you little brat. (Doesn't matter, in a few years they'll be scoring out of 2400 instead of 1600, and we'll all sound like a bunch of morons to the kids..."no, really, sonny...that was a good score back then!" "yeah, right, gramps".)

Speaking of Ross's sister, Marnie...she and I dated in high school, and a bit beyond. And one of the games you play at reunions is, if there's an old romantic interest present who is there with their current spouse or S.O., you're likely to kind of stack yourself against that person. Probably not the healthiest game to play, but it's pretty much inevitable. So not only is Marnie's husband a very sweet seeming guy, and one who lived up to the shorthand description "short but built" that Marnie once used (given that Marnie makes Mo look tall, that isn't at all a bad thing)...he's a friggin' Cancer Researcher at the Cleveland Clinic! GAH! Whatamatter, she couldn't find an astronaut-novelist who runs orphanages and rescues puppies at risk and finds a cure for AIDS on the side?

Quote of the Moment
There are answers in this book that I wish there weren't questions for.

Disgustingly Cuteness of the Moment
You know, I used to get irritated by this one small elmo doll some of the women in Tufts Wind Ensemble promoted as a mascot...especially when he started getting credited as a musician in the prgorams. Dang it, until we could hear him play, he shouldn't have gotten credit. Plus the thing's pupils got rubbed off, so for the longest time it had the creepiest blank stare, until they fixed it with a black Sharpie. But I have to admit... this game/video is about the cutest thing I've seen so far this month. I dunno why they were talking about in during a promo for some Cleveland shock jocks.

squeezing the bla-bla

December 2, 2001
Request of the Moment
Brooklyn Girl has secured the domain to get Paul Reubens' attention. So Mr. Reubens, if you happen to be Googling your name and this page comes up, please contact her at her site. (Incidentally, the front page of her site is probably a parody of Art Frahm's peculiar artistic themes.)

Criticism of a Past Moment
Let us be blumbt. Try reading English literature...

I am sorry, Kirk, I can not find any susbstance in your writing.

Forgive me if I am to direct. If one squezes your bla-bla, the juice that one gets is quite unfulfilling. You try to give drama to it, Where is the drama? You try to create a scenario, where is it?

One may speek of many things and say nothing.

Two E-mails from Pedro Demetrion Cunha to me, from Jan 4 1996 (spaced about 20 minutes apart.)
Taken from my original Loveblender comments page, probably concerning some of the writing on this page, especially Cafe at Night.

I just like the idea of somebody squeezing my bla-bla to get juice.

"Truth decays into beauty, while beauty soon becomes merely charm. Charm ends up as strangeness, and even that doesn't last, but up and down are forever."
--quoted by Danny Rathjens
Tempus fugit, babe. Everyone dies young.
Finally it looks as if the days of sportsmans crashing may be over- it's been hell since Monday. The lesson learned:
Oracle is a Harsh Mistress.
"Life is a struggle. Nobody gets through it unmarked."
--Mr. Blue
"You could point to every item in the Sears catalogue and somebody, somewhere, wants to sleep with it."
--Detective Dietrich, "Barney Miller"

What a dull meeting- I'm just not that concerned about what all these cow-orkers do.  I wish I was elsewhere.
"Gosh- that's *swell*"
"peace, love, understanding, wild hot crazy sex" -- pickle
"if man could fly the sky would be ugly" --asparagus
(thoughts of the produce section)
[paper spilling] "Aw man, code just reviewed all over the floor!"
          --Bob S., before the big Catalyst code review