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September 1, 2010

--via JZ
http://www.slate.com/id/2265067/ - the more I know about Max Headroom the more I like.
Dig the idea of built-in HDR on the iPhone camera. Wonder when/if Canon Powershots will have that (oh, duh, need to check out CHDK firmware replacement, maybe I can get it already)
I like how Netflix is the whore of streaming now. I can watch on laptop, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360.. yet Apple TV is still tempting.
Apple Store is now themed with a "fingerprint rainbow" as title backdrops. Like that they're embracing how smudge-y these things get.
You can't spell "success" without "u"! But in fact, I can't really spell "success" all that well, all those weird "s"s and soft "c"s...

thomas jefferson's list of differences between the north and the south

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September 2, 2010
Notherners      Southerners
jealous of their own liberties, and just to those of otherszealous for their own liberties, but trampling on those of others
supersitious and hypocritical in their religionwithout attachment or pretensions to any religion but that of the heart

--via "One-Night Stands with American History", Shenkman + Reiger
If you can't make fun of yourself, then you are terrible at making fun of people.

Started riding my bike to Alewife. Besides saving a bit of time it's just fun and kinetic.
To quote a friend, "Another oil rig explosion in the Gulf? Yeesh."
Startlingly chatty Red Line conductor giving a play-by-play of the trains blocking our entry into Alewife...

dancin' dancin' dancin'

September 3, 2010

--"Dancing at the Movies" (against Footloose) via felisdemens - thought MELM+MELAS might dig it...
"#lessonlearned Never volunteer for an experimental drug without learning what the experiment is."
I wonder if any phone lets you record various "conference codes" to pick from and playback, for conference calls and automated menus etc...
http://flavorwire.com/95206/john-waters-10-best-pieces-of-advice-for-functional-freaks - I still find John Waters weirdly a little hot.

ladybug ladybug driveaway home

September 4, 2010

iPhone 4 photo of a ladybug on Amber's car. Fullsize original here. I laid on the "digital zoom" a bit too much, but still pretty impressive for a cellphone camera!

At the Peabody Essex Museum...
"Punch bug green! [light tap]" "What are you, twelve?" "...Times three!"
Me and Amber, Fresh Pond Rotary.

It is going into the Library of Congress, you know.
Sardonic Note Amber after I spent a little too much time fiddling with that last as a twitter submission

on anime

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September 5, 2010

--Interesting refutation of some widely held beliefs that anime characters aren't "white" -- I'm a crappy artist and tend to think in icons, so I'm impressed by any kind of ability to generalize facial structure in a meaningful way. (Though it makes me wonder... do northeast Asians look more like *western* animated characters, too, by nature of a flatter facial structure?)
My hard nose, glass jaw, and soft heart.

If that One World Gov't the rightwingers are uptight about would mean no region-locked DVDs and games, I say- BRING IT ON! UN Uber Alles!
Apple synching kind of sucks. iTunes: some things live on iPhone, some things live on iPad. Leave the apps the hell alone.

2019 UPDATE:

playlist: season_2010 2 summer, like double cherry pie...

September 6, 2010
I'm knocked over by how much great music I can run into still. I really thank MP3 players for revolutionizing my relationship with it, and how I can buy songs piecemeal and then give 'em a few months to burn into my brain before they get thrown into the general mix. (I'm also knocked over by how I can find nearly all of them on Youtube...)

Anyway, here are the 3,4, and 5 star songs I added to my collection over the past three months.

Random Modernish Urbanish Pop - I just dig the sound and swagger. NPR had a piece on the Carolina Chocolate Drops, and they covered "Hit 'Em Up Style", which turns out to be a good song in its own right. I read a book "100 Best Beatles Song", and that introduced me to or reminded me of a few songs Last season's mix was really where I imported a lot of song from Amber's collection, but her music still has new finds for me... Q-Unit's Greatest Hits is 50 Cent crossed with Queen... kind of amazing stuff. I love the back cover art with 50 Cent sporting a Freddy Mercury mustache. In high school I was "Big Jule" in our production of Guys and Dolls, so I still have a soft spot for the music from it-- this is from the 1990s revival I saw in NYC with my mom, I think it had Nathan Lane in it. Random 90s "Alternative" Tuba-memory music... Songs from the Weird Al... Songs from "Shake Burger and Fries" -- McDonalds had some promotional tapes once in the 80s, mixtapes of songs from the 60s-- I've tried in vain to track down a playlist, but I remember some of the songs... Songs off of youtube videos... I've been seeing some IMAX at Jordan's furniture lately, and they have a thing for that 90s-era swing revival stuff... Random finds:

September Blender of Love is here!

scott pilgrim vs. the sprites

September 7, 2010
Paul Robertson made the art for a new Scott Pilgrim game on Xbox Live and PSN... gotta check that out!

Sad that synths/sequencers never have "marching band" drumkits: Tri-toms, tuned bass drums, etc... don't band nerds dig this stuff too?

GREAT BIG SHIP itty bitty ship

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September 8, 2010
--Star Wars poster -- see ones for all 3 of the Original Trilogy... (via)
http://www.slate.com/id/2266404/ - Hey Republicans, how about some support for Petraeus? No? Moral and intellectual cowards.
Kirk's Rule of Thumb for Online Music Shopping: in choosing between different versions of the same song, go for the shortest. It's more concentrated, the core ideas of the piece presented in a smaller package.
The light of dawn in her room was as pale as skimmed milk.

slowmo it go

September 9, 2010

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.

Of course they have ponies in Heaven, kid. What do you think the angels eat? Ha ha. Kidding. Angels eat other angels.

http://www.esquire.com/blogs/mens-fashion/pants-size-chart-090710 - JEEZ I thought pants' waists being, you know, real units of measure saved men from "dress size deflation" type games!
CSS design wonks, take your "padding-bottom: 32767px" and stuff it up your "table layouts suck!"-ass.
Walking to Inman for a farewell to a friend/gamer moving to Atlanta. Sad to realize 1998-2006ish was goldenage of my gaming get togethers.

cupboard kitty

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September 10, 2010

--Rex is a right jerk sometimes, but he can also be super cute... photo by our friend Kjersten...
"I look so cute in my new hoodie!"
"You kind of look like Harry Potter"
"I look like 'Somewhat Harrier Potter'"
Me and Amber

retroremakes says "The design doc for Marble Madness is well worth a read btw, if you haven't already:" http://www.atarigames.com/page5/files/page5_5.pdf (warning kind of a big PDF file)
Look, I really don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive, you got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colorful and lively.
Mel Brooks

You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.
Woody Allen

Hey LazyWeb, is there any way to use a laptop as an external monitor for a second laptop? Like "extend my desktop" onto whole 'nother PC...
Living each day as if it were my last makes me ask: WTF? I have to go to work on my LAST DAY EVER?!

weekend filler

September 11, 2010
--via gifanime

weekend filler

September 12, 2010
--via gifanime

weekend filler

September 13, 2010

--via gifanime
The food chain according to 3-year-old Toph: Squirrels eat racoons, racoons eat busses, and busses don't want to eat.

lg10: the people

September 14, 2010
This weekend Amber and I joined good ol "what happened to my sidebar" Dylan and a crew of people up at his family's cabins on Lake George, NY...

http://www.thesandwichfair.com/ -Amber wants to go to the 3-day "Sandwich Fair" I was psyched, but it turns out Sandwich is a place name :-(

lg10: the nature

September 15, 2010
So, one thing Lake George has is nature!
Things I learned about this weekend: "Nose Grease", a convenient lubricant at hand for carpenters and people with chapped lips and what not.
Things I learned about this weekend: I observed again how a star-filled, low-light-pollution sky really looks like a sky dome arched above.
Things I learned about this weekend: if there's no such thing as a "Jacksi-One" (Pepsi One and Jack) maybe there oughta be. (Why no love for Pepsi products as mixers in general?)
http://is.gd/fbWGN This spoof video and that Chappelle Show w/ Wayne Brady had that "shushing while strangling" thing- where's that from?
http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/sep/13/charlie-brooker-google-instant -- Google's War on our attention spans.
Technically, my job wouldn't be impossible without jQuery and Firebug, but man, it's pretty close!
If I ever saw an amputee being hanged, I would just start yelling out letters.

lg10: the things

September 16, 2010

...at Jabba the Hutt's palace with Oola the slave girl, who, it turns out, has a rather long 'jabba' where her 'hutt' should be...
MAD, "What caused Anakin Skywalker to become Darth Vader?"

Maybe I should replace the Larry-the-Cable-Guy's "Git-R-Done" with Tim Gunn's "Make It Work" for describing crunchtime work methodology.
How to spot a geek: have them make a list of scary words and see if they include "non-Euclidian."

http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsmaker/college-safety-rankings/ --yeesh, my alma mater Tufts "Most Dangerous College"? Harvard #3, MIT #14.

lg10: merri-vue extends to you

September 17, 2010
One final bit of Lake George-ism -- I've always liked this poster, an old party invitation, though I'm not sure of the year or of all of the references, but here's an attempt at transcribing it... (Merri-Vue must've been the name of one of the other cabins.)

Merri - Vue
extends to you -
a hesitant invitation
to come on up and grab a cup
of gin, or hooch libation .......
we've stripped the joint, so there's
no point to limit jubilation ....
besides our thirst, Anthea durst
have a birthday celebration .....
bring bob along (we may be wrong)
it's quite an education, to see him
drink and slowly sink in quiet stupification .
..... our john's inside, we say with pride
no need for constipation! ...........
so tell ivân to use the can*,
fur coats are his temptation .........
black tie and tails, long dresses, veils,
just use the imagination ..........
the date is Sun*, we'll go to Mon .
to miss. hyatt's consternation .........
come one; come all to the merry brawl
the seasons wind-up celebration ......

5:00 PM

"Hi! I'm Princess Laidup! Note that I'm wearing less clothes in this movie than before! That's because my Figure's improved! Unfortunately my acting HASN'T!"
--Leia from MAD's parody of Return of the Jedi... I remember being kind of fascinated by this drawing back in 1983 or so

the closest of close calls

September 18, 2010
You know in movies, like 2012 or whatever, when the guy jumps out of the collapsing building JUST in time, or barely outruns the fireball, or otherwise avoids certain doom by inches? This is a video of all that in real life. Not for the faint of heart!

(2019 Not the original 9:30 video but probably close)
When your only tool is a stapler, every problem looks like it needs to be attached to another problem.

hand it to mario

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September 19, 2010

--There's been a lot of news about Super Mario's 25th Birthday -- this is one of my favorite bits. Reminds me a lot of Myron Krueger's early Artifical Reality studies.

poem of the moment

September 20, 2010
Life is not land we own.
O no, it is only lent.
In the end we are left alone
When the last light is spent.
So live that you may say,
Lord, I have no regret.
Thank you for these sunny days
And for the last sunset.
Garrison Keillor, embedded in his novel "Pontoon".
(One of the other characters disparages it a bit.) It reminds me a bit of Avatar's "all energy is only borrowed, and one day you have to give it back."
I'd like to see an honest Cocoa Puffs commercial where the announcer says "It's adjacent to this complete breakfast!"

CSS geekery... now I think any complex layout that depends heavily on float:left is doomed to be unportable and fragile, a hothouse flower.

john will

September 21, 2010

--I like how it's all Star Wars but not.

Found on Boylston St. Never seen a stripe-y clip like this before!

facebooks plan to rule the world

September 22, 2010
--Wired's coverage of the upcoming Facebook movie mentions
And nobody in the movie brings up that insane-looking Facebook Illuminati symbol, which the flesh-and-blood Zuckerberg custom-stitched into the inside of his hoodie
I was more intrigued when I thought I had read it was stitched into the inside of the hood part... Anyway, here's the story behind it, askew-embedded-Star-of-David of all.

I think this is a little interesting but overplayed. (It makes me think about this squiggly line logo Nokia used as a placeholder when it first acquired Enpocket... I have thought on a hoodie, though not on the inside.)
DADT blocked again. Because America is safer when our Soldiers are as closeted as our Senators.

Autumn sun may come in smaller portions but it doesn't have any of the sticky aftertaste summer's does.

http://www.slate.com/id/2267899/ - love this Slate/NPR translation of Fed speak into plain English - great use of simple DHTML technology!

offer an apple

September 23, 2010

--I'm bummed this didn't come out as pretty as Amber. Still I loved the apple appeal.

The old jingle "Oh My Eskimo Pie". Funny name. Mildly racist? What's Eskimo Glass of Water, an ice cube? Eskimo Turkey- a Frozen Turkey?
The noisiness of a Harley, rooted in engine inefficiency, makes it the exact parallel to the peacock's tail for burly bikers (though less attractive to normal humans.)
Obama's "We can absorb a terrorist attack." is controversial?? He shoulda said "if they hit us again we're hosed"?? Hint: "We'll do everything we can to prevent it" immediately follows.
http://beautifulpixels.com/iphone/10-simple-iphone-backgrounds/ - blueprints one is so clever

a costume to aid computer pattern recognition

September 24, 2010

--from Myron Krueger's "Artificial Reality 2", a suit to help computers better figure out what position the human was in... I just love this vision of high tech bending into the harlequin...


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September 25, 2010

--more from Myron Krueger. This stuff is commonplace now (funny how both PS3 and Xbox 360 have just recently introduced stuff that seems to have deep roots in this stuff) but when I realize he was doing some of this with hardware that's as old as I am, it's pretty humbling. (I wrote a bit more on him 4 years ago
So the google search results page updates live now. Type 'awesomeee' and then watch it get progressively more retarded with each 'e' you add

Life is a re-gift

"We don't have to go Trader Joes"
"Oh right you need your soda!"
"You have a problem..."
"I know- OUTTA SODA!"
We felt a little bad about cutting in front of a dozen odd people by using the Chiopotle app to order salads on the drive there, but got over it.

making the rounds...

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September 26, 2010

After seeing some guy on a bike on an empty baseball diamond scoop up a football, I wondered if there's "bicycle polo" out there- why yes there is!
Just found out the secret to hooking up my old (240p??) N64 and new 1080p projector - ye olde "TVBOX", VGA out - 4player Dr Mario ahoy!
Twenty-two astronauts were born in Ohio. What is it about your state that makes people want to flee the Earth?
Stephen Colbert

the unphone?

September 27, 2010

--Judging by other ads out there I guess the pitch is supposed to be "Windows 7 Phones are faster to get to your information" (by putting more dynamic stuff on the front screen) but the lesson here seems to be "don't use your phone so damn much and miss out on life around you" which is an even better point. So A for execution, D- for getting the message across.

http://webdesign.about.com/u/ua/css/css_annoyances.htm - finding more voices saying tables aren't the enemy for web design.
http://meyerweb.com/eric/thoughts/2009/02/17/wanted-layout-system/ - when hardcore CSS folk point out why CSS layout needs tables.
It's CSS, not cascading LAYOUT sheets eh? Div and Table layout: easy in simple cases, but colspan's complexity scales better than float's.
http://www.killersites.com/blog/2006/css-3-column-layout/ - man, 4 years ago, same issue. Is "3 column CSS layout" still tough? If so, yeesh.
I guess one anti-table idea is "wouldn't it be swell if all layout was externalized, hot-swappable?" Well, kinda- that can be hard to trace.

dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs

September 28, 2010

--by the great paul robertson

Odd how there's no plural for the word 'revenge' itself.
Ben Karlin

Love is a gross exaggeration of the difference between one person and everybody else.
George Bernard Shaw

there is some shit I will not eat
Olaf, in the E.E.Cummings poem

Heh, aw these awful and bitter quotes! Part of what I get from reading "Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me"
So the universe is not quite as you thought it was.
You'd better rearrange your beliefs, then.
Because you certainly can't rearrange the universe.
Isaac Asimov

the colors of the web

September 29, 2010

an excerpt of the colors of the web
Basically looking into the top 100 brands -
dig this kind of analysis so much!

http://erkie.github.com/ - oh so brilliant -- an Asteroids fighter on any page, blasting away page elements...

wheel... of... emotion!

September 30, 2010

--Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, from Wikipedia's page on List of Emotions. Started wondering about this when I read about Graham Mann's attempts to make programs that have emotion.
http://www.slate.com/id/2267815 - Wrestler Mick Foley <3s Tori Amos. (like http://music.ign.com/articles/691/691277p1.html - DMC <3s Sarah McLaughlin...)
http://www.slate.com/id/2268833/ - "America fights while China does business"
Seems like anti-<table> folk aspire to moving all layout to .css files (not HTML). But the <div>s need css hacks and/or awkward html anyway!
http://is.gd/fCoWX - the country has gone nuts. AT+T can claim that it, a company, has a Right to Privacy? For reals? Sweet jimminy.
http://js1k.com/home - 1K Javascript is kinda amazing!
"Trickle down economics" is hereby renamed "homeopathic wealth distribution".

http://www.enlightennext.org/magazine/j44/lachman.asp - what to do when it's 2013 and the world's still here...
Grr. I wonder if Apple is deliberately not including any photo album management on the iPhone itself to be released later...
http://www.homedics.com/products/ceramic-tile-digital-scale.html - Amber and I bought this ceramic tile scale. Odd blend of stone and technology, like William Gibson's Idoru "sandbenders"

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