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where no whiny teen has gone before

Link of the Moment
Somehow I missed the Wil Wheaton Responds To Your Questions when it first came out on slashdot, but John was talking about. He got an early big break in "Stand By Me" and he also played Wesley on Star Trek: The Next Generation. (He was kind of the Barney the Dinosaur of the show, the character it was cool for everyone to hate.) Interestingly, he's become a fairly mainstream geek, albeit one who can act. He runs his own website and takes everything in good humor, as long as you don't think an abundance of "I was with your mother last night" jokes eliminates the possiblity of "good" humor.

Funny of the Moment
I've seen news reports that the PO is going to irradiate the mail with gamma rays. Gamma rays and microwaves are so completely different that I can easily believe that one would work, but not the other. Microwaves are actually radio waves, which are much, much lower on the electromagnetic spectrum than gamma rays.
David Carson and TomR@Fred.Net on alt.humor.best-of-usenet

Flash Movie of the Moment
The Screener is a minimalist flash movie, four brief episodes. Not screamingly funny but with a quirky appeal. (via cruel site of the day)

lay off the layoffs already

Oy. Layoffs at work. Not for me or my project, and possibly I'm in ok shape. Still it's so draining and anxiety producing. Especially combined with the plans to buy a house that Mo and I are starting to act on.

In other news, albeit lame news, I've decided to start working on my backlog of links and quotes, in chronological order rather than the last in, first out method I usually use.

Video of the Moment
Golden Shower Productions (with the domain goldenshower.gs, never seen a .gs domain before) made a terrific Atari themed music video. So many cultural references, from the main character's fro to the Matrix (of course) to a plethora of old Atari 2600 games. Plus a nice little techno tune...check it out.

Mixed Metaphor of the Moment
(although I like to think of it as just Granny letting a couple pompous idiots talk themselves into a hole before she pulls it out from under them)
"Chris McCubbin" in alt.books.pratchett via alt.humor.best-of-usenet

not down-to-earth

Image of the Moment
--from this thread at cellar.org's image of the day. MSNBC's caption: Balloon pilot Ian Ashpole sails through the sky near Chatteris, England, on Oct. 28. He broke his own world record for the highest flight using 600 toy balloons, rising to 11,000 feet before he cut himself loose and parachuted back down to earth

Backlog Piece of the Moment
Did you know I sing to my car? I do. It's kind of a spoken singsong and it goes
    Funky little car, gonna go real far.
    Gonna go real in my funky little car.
    Funky little car, gonna go real far.
    Gonna go real in my funky little car.
I tell myself that the car senses the good vibes and is going to give me many more miles of trouble-free driving because of this song. Maybe it was good I had driven Mo's car instead of mine to get eggs this morning, because I pulled right up next to my car's twin at the supermarket, and I worry that my car would be jealous. ("There can be only one (cute little springlike kermity car)!", that kind of thing.)

more current events

Image of the Moment

A guy named John signed my guestbook and thanked me for sharing the photo of Mo and the fountain at the WTC. I tried to figure out where he might have found a link to it, and realized that the image comes up on the second page of a Google Image search for "WTC". Searching around I found the original of the above photo from this page that lets you see the fountain from above, the way I described it in that blog entry. (Here is another image (from this page) similar to the one I took with Mo in it.)

Quote of the Moment
When the average American can point out Tajikistan, Pakistan, Russia, China, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan on a map...then the terrorists will have won.
Kim on alt.fan.cecil-adams.

yankee go home

So the Diamondbacks won the World Series. With all the magic New York had, and the recent bad times, it's tough not to have mixed feelings about that. Plus, I hate when really young new franchise teams win, since it was the punkass Florida Marlins that bought big talent, beat in the Cleveland Indians in 7, and then completely dismantled the team the next year, having got what they paid for.

Quote of the Moment
My dad once told me, laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry, and I'll give you something to cry about you little bastard!

Video of the Moment
Ok, this is kind of odd. It's an old commercial for Joust on the Atari 5200. It's a full two minutes. The middle part is a bit long and pointless, but the final 20 seconds is very bizarre and wonderfully spooky and surreal.

so very sheik

Lyric of the Moment
Over the desert, wild and free
Rides the bold Sheik of Araby
The desert band at his command
Follows his love's caravan...
Under the shadows of the palms he sings
To call her to his arms...

I'm the Sheik of Araby!
            (With no clothes on!)
Your love belongs to me!
            (With no clothes on!)
At night while you're asleep
            (With no clothes on!)
Into your tent I'll creep
            (With no clothes on!)
The stars that shine above
            (With no clothes on!)
Will light our way to love!
            (With no clothes on!)
Come rule this world with me,
            (With no clothes on!)
I'm the Sheik of Araby!

On the web I found an amusingly bad MIDI rendition of the tune, actually worth a listen just for the giggle.

Funny of the Moment
PETERMAN: Two choices: play Mario Party or Group Sex.
MO: Do I get to pick the group?
Trying to persuade Mo to join Peterman, Leslee, and Me in a game of Mario Party on Nintendo. Maybe you had to be there but it was a good line, and quick.

shirt stories

from the T-shirt Archive: 23-25 of a Tedious Series
This is the final installment of this set of shirts, thank goodness.

Raunchy Funny Adult Link of the Moment
Ok, only follow this link if you're not a kid and you're not easily offended. Some aspiring young woman claims to have made herself a "Trainer for Ladies". Lets just say it's a real hummer-dinger.

yummy salt

Backlog of the Moment
Pretzels vs. French Fries. Am I the only person who thinks of them as really similar, almost to the point of interchangeability? (I'm talking those big, thick, doughy pretzels, not the little tasty pretzel skeletons you get from a bag.) They're both salty hot snack foods, they both go well with mustard (ok, I'm a freak when it comes to french fries), when done well they both have a tougher coat outside and a softer inside. (In terms of commercial offerings, I prefer Burger King's crispy coating to those limp salt carriers you get from McDs.) Anyway. This thought has been on my 'to write about' list since June, and probably before then...Mo thinks I'm nuts when I tell it to her.

Link of the Moment
People doing ugly things to cars. Especially BMWs. Or wanting to make their cars look like BMWs. I just love the doubledecker spoilers in back...look at me I'm a biplane! I've seen those in real life, but they pale in comparison to the moose antlers of the first one on the page... (via camworld)

Quote of the Moment
And Mojo was hurt and I would have kissed his little boo boo but then I realized he was a BAD monkey so I KICKED HIM IN HIS FACE!

minus a muffler

Good Timing of the Moment
[Day after after a fender bender where the lady behind me decided the stop and go traffic should be more go than stop] "Yeah, it's so annoying with a car that's getting a little old. I mean, it's really tough to tell if that's a new sound going wrong, or just the same old stuff... [B-Pipe of exhaust disconnects on one end underneath car, resulting in various metallic scrapey sounds, as the engine gets loud since it's no longer connected to the muffler] ...I mean, it's so difficult to know..."
Me to John Sawers, Nov 7 2001.
Never had a car with such perfect comedy timing. $350 later and the car is ok. But I need some new tires in a bad way.

Link of the Moment
Everything2 trying to determine the single sickest joke ever... (PG13)

Quote of the Moment
The bottleneck is not in technology, it's in art.
Penn Jillete

sports nuts to you

Quote of the Moment


--Spectator's Sign on WWF Smackdown. I guess Christian is a new 'Heel' (bad guy wrestling character.) I don't watch this stuff much, but when I do it seems like entertaining violent ballet with operatic story lines. And today's stuff is more impressive than the "Rock and Wrestlin'" we had in my youth, with guys making really impressive jumps and somersaults and stuff. I swear, I'm not turning into my cousins...anyway, I've actually tried using this "reeks of reekyness" construction. It amuses me.

Culture of the Moment
Heard about this on NPR's Only a Game: this one company is making College Branded Caskets. I'm not posting this here to make fun of the idea so much as just point out...wow. Some people are really devoted to their alma maters. The president of the company was talking about how people would set up rooms dedicated to their colleges in their homes, and he figured they may wish to be the same in death as they were in life. But since each of these is officially licensed, I imagine it might be hard sell to certain licensing boards.

Joke of the Moment
If Marilyn Monroe were alive right now what would she be doing?
...clawing at the lid of her coffin.
Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk)--the book, which isn't much better than the movie.

did someone say the tick

In the guestbook, Annette asks if I have any anti-SPAM advice. Not really. I get tons of it myself...I just set up my homebrew webmail system so I could easily do mass deletes. I've been meaning to look into some more community based methods. Hotmail seems to have some anti-spam measures in place, I don't know how effective they are though. Maybe you could forward all your mail through an account like that.

AIM Conversation of the Moment
ranjit: my dog gets an application of flea&tick killer once a month-- you squirt it on the back of his neck and it soaks through his skin into his blood.
ranjit: I always get a tiny bit on my fingers, and then I taste it for an hour.
kirk: bleck
ranjit: at least I am somewhat flea-resistant!
kirk: "thanks to a pet care incident gone horribly awry, mild mannered ranjit discovers he has developed one of the world's most trivial superpowers...mild resistance to fleas" Fortunately, with small power comes only small responsibility

Link of the Moment
With all these terrorist related troubles, it might be hard to remember that environmental concerns still linger. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide Now!

on loss

Quote of the Moment
That it's ok to be sad, and cry... and that's it ok when you finally stop crying, too.
Julie Hill describing what her son had learned in dealing with his father's terminal illness, NPR's This American Life, Episode 188.
(June 22, 2001...I'm listening to it now. It's worth seeking out, if you don't mind kind of moist eyes.)

Link of the Moment
Yogi Berra in the NY Times on the Yankees and why Losing Isn't a Loss. This guy is really wise, from his semi-scrutable Yogi-isms to his general attitude to life and the game he loves so well.

the foundation

So the Northern Alliance took Kabul as the Taliban skedaddled. I think the Taliban
Man Gets a Shave in Kabul
are going to try to regroup and hold their ground at some point, and we all have to hope that the Northern Alliance will be willing to be part of that "broad based government" thing, but still, it's said that the people in the city are celebrating. Of course, it's never good to look grumpy about the new power in town, but still, they're playing music and shavin' beards, things they just couldn't do when those "Students" (what Taliban means in Arabic) were in control.

Speaking of translations, I beginning to think "The Foundation" would be a better translation of "Al Qaeda" than "The Base". And not just for the possible Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy connection. Also stuff like Knight Rider...they had the Knight Foundation, right? I think "The Foundation" more clearly tells us how they see themselves, and fits in well with the idea of them as kind of terrorist Venture Capitalists. (Asimov connection link via Bill the Splut)

Link of the Moment
I liked this work by Niem (currently enjoying his memepool rush...check out the other works in the archive), Ranjit pointed me to this Tom the Dancing bug.

a mystery wrapped in a blanket

"An X" signed my guestbook, mentioning my previous infatuation with Diet Dr. Pepper...I have some idea who it might be, but not their e-mail address. So I have to live with the mystery....

Cultural Exchange of the Moment
Interesting. (And R-Rated, for the underage or readily offendable...) gay bathouse rules. Also see Bathhouse 101. Interesting piece of another culture I'm always going to be rather distant from.

Quote of the Moment
A barbarian ... [is one who] thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.
George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra


For some reason this interview with Taleban leader Mullah Omar is giving me the heebie jeebies. Just a little bit. (Compare and contrast with Christopher Hitchens' Guess what, the bombing worked like a charm.)

Link of the Moment
When we were in the middle of wedding preparation, I had repeated envious thoughts when I saw people getting married by Elvis or Hendrix in Vegas, but this guy took it a little too far...

Quote of the Moment
If atheism is a religion, then bald is a hair color.
Mark Schnitzius

some bones about it

So the mystery of the guestbook thickens. A bit. If I had to guess, assuming it was "an X (girlfriend)" I'd guess Jen. E-mail me and let me know...

Toy of the Moment
IK Pupppet is a really cool skeleton marionette...too bad it's too late for halloween. (For some reason I kept trying to drag the white crosses, not the red dots.) It reminds of the Mexican Day of the Dead stuff, or this one book from France my dad had. Duo mode is especially spooky, some odd macabre dance. (via memepool)

Quote of the Moment
The Internet has already become for a fortunate few ('spiritual scuba divers', one is tempted to call them) a limitless ocean without bottoms or shores. In whose depths one can breathe effortlessly--in and out, in and out.
It is the habitat of the newest creatures to evolve in our part of the Milky Way -- as enchanting and nobly bizarre as any giant manta or moray eel, say. They are recorded thoughts and feelings about what it is like to be a living thing.
Kurt Vonnegut as Kilgore Trout

saturday morning tales

Flicks of the Moment
So tomorrow is the relase of the Nintendo GameCube... I'll be there right as the store opens. But here are some European Commercials for the PS2, the GameCube's well-established rival. They were directed by David Lynch of Twin Peaks fame. Most of them are so-so, but the Wolfman one is this incredible rant, and the Bambi one is just very funny and cool looking.

Funny of the Moment
The Tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo
by Richard Aronson (aronson@sierratel.com)

...In the early seventies, Ed Whitchurch ran "his game", and one of the participants was Eric Sorenson. Eric plays something like a computer. When he games he methodically considers each possibility before choosing his preferred option. If given time, he will invariably pick the optimal solution. It has been known to take weeks. He is otherwise, in all respects, a superior gamer.

Eric was playing a Neutral Paladin in Ed's game. He was on some lord's lands when the following exchange occurred:
ED: You see a well groomed garden. In the middle, on a small hill, you see a gazebo.
ERIC: A gazebo? What color is it?
ED: (Pause) It's white, Eric.
ERIC: How far away is it?
ED: About 50 yards.
ERIC: How big is it?
ED: (Pause) It's about 30 ft across, 15 ft high, with a pointed top.
ERIC: I use my sword to detect good on it.
ED: It's not good, Eric. It's a gazebo.
ERIC: (Pause) I call out to it.
ED: It won't answer. It's a gazebo.
ERIC: (Pause) I sheathe my sword and draw my bow and arrows. Does it respond in any way?
ED: No, Eric, it's a gazebo!
ERIC: I shoot it with my bow (roll to hit). What happened?
ED: There is now a gazebo with an arrow sticking out of it.
ERIC: (Pause) Wasn't it wounded?
ERIC: (Whimper) But that was a +3 arrow!
ED: It's a gazebo, Eric, a GAZEBO! If you really want to try to destroy it, you could try to chop it with an axe, I suppose, or you could try to burn it, but I don't know why anybody would even try. It's a @#$%!! gazebo!
ERIC: (Long pause. He has no axe or fire spells.) I run away.
ED: (Thoroughly frustrated) It's too late. You've awakened the gazebo. It catches you and eats you.
ERIC: (Reaching for his dice) Maybe I'll roll up a fire-using mage so I can avenge my Paladin.

At this point, the increasingly amused fellow party members restored a modicum of order by explaining to Eric what a gazebo is. Thus ends the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo. It could have been worse; at least the gazebo wasn't on a grassy gnoll.

gamecube ahoy

(Conclusion of the guestbook mystery?) must be T... since "T" is a lot more likely than "M" to know that I was hedging my bet (since she was the second Jen) and "M" is actually a "W" anyway... (also, Mad Mike's original quote was that "Diet Dr Pepper is god's perfect softdrink", not that it's Heaven on Earth...)

Oh, and yesterday I was talking about those PS2 ads...I meant to talk about the odd "The Third Place" tagline. I suppose it's some weird stuff about being the third place between imagination and reality or some such marketing crap, but it seems a poor choice considering there are three major systems competing now...

Speaking of which...I get my hands on a Game Cube today.

Also, I got up at 4:45am to go look at the Leonid Meteors. I didn't go very far from home, but despite Boston's ever present purple glow I still saw quite a few. Not quite a storm, maybe more of a sprinkle.

Funny of the Moment
Proto star? Like that hard as nails Jupiter that you said was a fluffy gas ball??? Too funny. Jupiter is SOLID, just view the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet impacts ON THE SURFACE!!! Astronomers just don't keep up.

Link of the Moment
The Straight Dope answers that age old question Is it true turtles breathe through their butts?
(Deevaa, that font was selected just for you.)


Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. They do however fall down off of high objects, for example the kitchen table. When I was a kid I thought that fact should count against that marketing claim.

Quote of the Moment
If you're such an 'expert' at being a lesbian, why are you turning me on???

99 (deadly) luftballoons

Fox News of the Moment
Ok, ok, maybe there can be a serious risk for the children of unwary parents, a kid playing with a balloon can get it jammed down the windpipe, but people don't think of them as a danger, etc etc, but Fox's feature "BALLOONS: Why are they so DEADLY" on last night's 10pm news is one of funniest headlines I've seen outside of The Onion.

Flash Video of the Moment
A take on the granddaddy of home video gaming: Pong: Not Just A Game.

Quote of the Moment
Tiger got to hunt,
Bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder, "Why, why, why?"
Tiger got to sleep,
Bird got to land,
Man got to tell himself he understand.

kirk, hero of the rebel alliance

Stayed up 'til 1 last night finishing Star Wars: Rogue Leader. B-yoo-tiful game, I'm amazed at how well the penultimate missions captures the feeling of the final battle over Endor from Return of the Jedi-- and it's that scene (plus Leia's slavegirl metal bikini) that make it my favorite of all the Star Wars flicks, though I know it's not the "best" of the series. (X-wing from theforce.net)

Link of the Moment
Speaking of all things new video game systemy, both John and Bill the Splut have pointed out the Brunching Shuttlecocks' Videogame Console FAQK. You might have to be a bit of a gamer to get some of it though.

Dream Quote of the Moment
If there's one even a first year chem student knows, it's how to shove a table to make room for a party.
From a dream this morning

monay monay turkey turkey gobble gobble kick me kick me

Happy Thanksgiving all. (The title are what we chanted at the end of this once "dance/drum break" in high school Marching Band for this one piece. There's a funny little step that goes with. Fun to do while wearing a tuba. (Well, a sousaphone.))

Fanfic of the Moment
Rumble: What's with the fuzzballs? Looks like they need to be toasted too.
Huggy Bear: Oh, such a terrible attitude, but I know what'll help. GROUP HUG!!!
<<About 50-or-so Fluffy Bears pile on top of Rumble>>
Rumble: Ack! Somebody help... mmmfh!..me! They're all over me! ergh!
Michael Allen Schwark, from a short scenario he wrote in 1995 in response to an alt.toys.transformers Usenet post I made about the lack of crossover fanfic between "boys toys" and "girls toys".
In looking for some relevant images, I found Slim's Transformers page with some really cool "group shots", showing all the Autobots or Decepticons in a single shot, taken from the boxart I think. Man, I really loved the Transformers...


Toni Yafanaro signed my guestbook yesterday! She was my fellow tuba-bud in high school...Toni, e-mail me, I have a really amusing picture of us to scan in...meanwhile here is a different picture, this one with the band KISS joining a marching band. (via this site)

Speaking of yesterday's Attack of the Fluffy Bears, I was thinking about the old cartoon The Gummi Bears. The theme song always bothered me, there seemed to be a lyric "the fight for what's right is whatever they do" which seemed to me to be a weirdly self-fulfilling prophecy of a morality. But that link says the lyric is "they fight for what's right in whatever they do", so maybe it wasn't so bad.

Funny of the Moment
Kirk: Phew, all this computer hacking *is* making me thirsty...
John: Hmm, me too I guess. In fact I think I just had this pudding cup trying to quench thirst, but it didn't work.
Kirk:...err, John? When you start thinking of puddin' as a beverage, you might be on the verge of having serious food issues...

Link of the Moment
A little bit long, it's the Canonical List of Famous Last Words (from Role Playing Games).

rollin' rollin' rollin'

I had the most amazing coin experience yesterday morning. I was picking up a pair of jeans, some change fell out of the pocket, and one penny fully circumnavigated the 13x13 room...under the bed, out the other side, and around, at one point going through an 8 inch gap between a pile of dirty laundry and the dresser...it was really amazing. There was no way I could have done that on purpose if I had wanted to.

Phone Sex of the Moment
"Oh! Nnnnnnnn! Nnn! Nnn! Nnn! Nnn! Nnn! Nnn!"
"It's spurting out! I can't help it! Ah! Ah! Oooooo."
There was a pause.
"Oh, man," she said. "Wow. You there?"
"I think so." He swallowed. "Let me catch my breath."
"That was--that was--man," she said. "I saw the great seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when I came."
Nicholson Baker, "Vox".

isn't he dreamy?

So Mo and I are moving ever closer to getting a house. Right now Waltham seems the most likely bet. Kind of funny how my life keeps coming back to that city...it's where my Mom and Aunt grew up, it's where my family still owns a (now being rented) house, it's where I had my first apartment, and now it might be the site of my first house. It's not the most amazing cosmic coincidence, but it's kind of interesting that there might be some sort of connection there. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have guessed that Waltham would be making such a strong claim to being my hometown. (I moved a lot when I was a kid. I guess Cleveland still has a stronger claim though, with those critical middle school/high school years.)

Funny Line of the Moment
He says he looked into my eyes and vas able to see my soul...
...how romantic.
"Vladimir Putin" in Capitol Steps skit.
Saw them last night, I really like the stylized capitol dome logo you can see on their website. The line was of coursed based on this incident. I found another article about Putin's later response to it. He says "You know, maybe it's normal for the USA, but for the Russian ear the phrase is a bit strange." No, sorry guy, but it's really weird for us as well.

Link of the Moment
I'm drinking my coffee from a mug with Grant Wood's "American Gothic" on it. I found a interesting site about parodies of the famous image. Other sites I found comment on the way that every one sees it as a farm couple, but the woman is meant to be the man's daughter. Also, it's the arched window in the back that gives the image it's name. You can still see the house Grant Wood used...overall it's a very balanced composition.

a little levity

Dangnabbit, my Palm done busted again.

Joke of the Moment
Walking into the bar, Harvey said to the bartender, "Pour me a stiff one, Eddie. I just had another fight with the little woman".

"Oh yeah", said Eddie. "And how did this one end"?

"When it was over", Harvey replied. "She came to me on her hands and knees".

"Really? Now that's a switch! What did she say"?

"She said, 'Come out from under that bed, you gutless weasel!'"

Link of the Moment
President Junior and the Turkey of Doom.


Images of the Moment
From New Jersey Online, some photos from beneath Ground Zero. Read the captions underneath to see what's going on. The first photo and #8 are the most interesting, I think.

Poem of the Moment
Try to Praise the Mutilated World
Remember June's long days,
and wild strawberries, drops of wine, the dew.
The nettles that methodically overgrow
the abandoned homesteads of exiles.
You must praise the mutilated world.
You watched the stylish yachts and ships;
one of them had a long trip ahead of it,
while salty oblivion awaited others.
You've seen the refugees heading nowhere,
you've heard the executioners sing joyfully.
You should praise the mutilated world.
Remember the moments when we were together
in a white room and the curtain fluttered.
Return in thought to the concert where music flared.
You gathered acorns in the park in autumn
and leaves eddied over the earth's scars.
Praise the mutilated world
and the gray feather a thrush lost,
and the gentle light that strays and vanishes
and returns.
Adam Zagajewski, Translation by Clare Cavanaugh.
I first saw this poem in an issue of The New Yorker that had a really striking cover, the silhouette of the Twin Towers, but they were only slightly darker than the surrounding darkness. It was really moving. (The cover got some publicity when it came out, but I missed it.)

boom boom

Ever notice those "floaters" in your eyes? The little darkened flotsam and jetsam floating in your eye? Usually they're most obvious when looking at a large expanse of a light color. This summer I was getting really paranoid that they were getting worse, and some days do seem worse than others, but I don't think it's quite the traumatic thing I felt it was earlier.

Quote of the Moment
Screw destiny! Destiny's just another word for inevitable. And nothing's inevitable if you stand up, look it in the eye and say, 'You're evitable.'

Image of the Moment
A sonic boom caught on film, via this article. It was a "one in a million shot" by Navy photographer John Gay. Well, that's the official story anyway. I suspect it might actually be a battlefield scene where our jets are being attacked by Giant Airborne Eggs from Space.

pop pop pop

Guestbook Entry of the Moment
The question...Why is it that Orville Redenbacher's microwavable popcorn, or any other microwavable popcorn for that matter, has to be watched so closely so as not to cause a burn factor? I mean direction number 2 reads "Stay & Listen" on the bag itself. Why should we have to monitor our popcorn? Hasn't any popcorn scientist figured out a solution to this problem yet?
An alumni of EHS
Man, what is it with all these anonymous people from my past in my guestbook? Write me some frickin' e-mail, people, conversation can be rewarding! Or use AOL-IM and contact me as kirkjerk.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, I have the best damn microwave when it comes to making popcorn. It's a Sharp Carousel. It has this single "Popcorn" button that just works. I think it might use some kind of sensor...anyway, it always gets almost the whole bag popped without burning. It's great. None of that tedious "Stay & Listen" crap for me.

On the other hand, I just heard about a fire that destroyed 8 condos that was started by a bathroom fan being left on and overheating. (Aren't fans supposed to be cool not hot? Anyway.) So perhaps I shouldn't be so cavalier.

Raunchy Link of the Moment
Giving Gore/Lieberman a whole new meaning. Wow. I think red's description from Portal of Evil says it best: This site has stories about Al Gore. Not just anything about Al Gore, oh no. These are stories about Al Gore having sex with Joe Liberman. My mind is now vanquished. Thank god they have an Al Gore/Jon Bon Jovi story, too, just to reinforce the need for a bleach shower. All I'll add is "Thank Goodness for the Web!".

rubik robot revenge redux

Yeesh. The latest "EHS alumni" on my guestbook expects to be identified by a "decent or more than decent sense of humor." So after due thought and consideration, I realized I must be getting this mail from... Mr. Jablonski??? Wow! How is it going? How is that leg?

Seriously, I can think of about 5 people at EHS whose sense of humor I admired and even more whose sense of humor met the criteria of "decent", so I'm not going to risk guessing when the odds are so long.

In other self-indulgent news...I always nag Brooke to update the journal on her website (the journal is the "Dramaturg's Note") and finally she did so with this entry (though you can't get to the rest of the journal from there alas.) I think it might be a reaction to me bragging about my site...I do take a pride in making these assemblies on a regular, daily basis. (As opposed to some people who need to be prodded into getting something out once a month...) Thanks Brooke. Your kudos are duly noted.

Link of the Moment
This was making the rounds this summer, but the image that accompanied the article was intermittently disappearing. It's a very impressive Lego Mindstorm's robot that can solve a Rubik's Cube. And it turns out that the creator JP Brown's Serious Lego Site has even more amazing stuff...walkers, pilots, musicians...incredible. I was always lousy at the "Technic" stuff (usually just aspiring to "really cool looking spaceships") and now I feel even worse...

PG13 Quote of the Moment
You know that old saying 'men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses?' Oh-- ha, ha...most men I know will fuck a tree.
Diane Ford

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