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making the fung wah look pretty decent


--via factlets.info/Bus, who were talking about how now bus drivers in Longxiang have a bowl of water by their side that they are expected to keep unspilled through their day. Factlets seems to be a good interesting-tidbit-a-day, I follow their twitter feed
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

On the "stickiness" of Apple. I'm kind of glad I've shunned iTunes for music, sticking with Amazon MP3s... after being on the "new iPhone!" hype wagon for a while, now with "FroYo" coming out, I'm thinking my next phone should be from whatever carrier will let le me "tether" and use the phone as a portable wifi hotspot-- that way my iPad would be online too.
http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/423150.html - I'm kind of stunned that there's enough sponsorship to allow "pro gaming" to exist.
Problems with contacting LinkedIn former colleagues due to Non-Compete Agreement...article begs the question of whether the contract was enforceable or possible a "unlawful restraint on trade"...


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--via xoxoxobruce... (who found it here) you know you don't see many sousaphones with the bell pointing up, though I'm not sure why not.
New AT+T Pricing Plans - mixed feelings about this. Looks like I use ~300Mb/mo now. Want tethering, dread having to think about usage -- unlimited data was a HUGE enabling factor when I first started using the iPhone.
A civilian goes to Mars. When he returns to Earth, he's being interviewed on his impressions of Mars. The interviewer asks if the people on Mars are more advanced than people on Earth. The civilian says they are, and the interviewer asks by how much.

"I would say six, seven weeks," the civilian replies. "When I was up there, they had the disposable razor blades and it was like six or seven weeks after I returned to Earth before we had them."
Bob Newhart, from his memoir "I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!"...
He says "that was [a routine] that died, but I still love it."
4 day weeks feel so disjointed- Tuesday feels like Monday so then you overcompensate and Wednesday feels like Thursday.
There once was a man
from Nantucket who could not
fit well in haikus

I concluded the worst thing that could happen is if we change our core values and let it slide. I can't do that. I'd rather quit.
Steve Jobs on not letting those meddling Gizmodo folks get away with it!
Code Monkey say god damned login page not "functional" or "elegant"


What with enjoying my new iPad as a doodle tablet and browser, hearing about Android "FroYo" and its tethering/portable wifi hotspot stuff and AT&T coming with new plans, along with the an expected announcement about the next version of the iPhone and its software, I've been thinking about this stuff a bit more than usual as of late.

Initially toying with the idea of switching to Android, I decided to try and enumerate the things I really use my iPhone for, stuff I'd need Android to do about as well or better to justify making the switch... Those were the most crucial things... other bits are That's quite a bit! Seeing that the Palm only really did Todo, Datebook, Memos, a few games, doodling, and the pocket watch bit I feel a bit better about being as enamored of this gadget as I am. All in all it's kind of empowering! (On the other hand there was PocketC on the Palm, which let me do some casual programming wherever I was...)

Admittedly at the moment I'm leaning against switching to Droid, mostly because I'm pretty conservative about learning a new UI, and its taken me a while to find "best of class" apps for all of this stuff on the iPhone.
It is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us.
Peter De Vries, "The Mackerel Plaza"

http://www.slate.com/id/2249562/entry/2255493/ - more from the Internet Sabbatical... how anticipation and synchronicity emerge when off that tap of instant gratification.

ape expectations

A classic routine of Bob Newhart's:
Hello, Mr. Nelson. This is Sam Hennessy, the new guard. Sir, I hate to bother you at home like this on my first night, but, uh, something's come up and it's not covered in the guard's manual... Yeah, I looked in the index, yes, sir. I looked under unauthorized personnel and people without passes and apes and apes' toes...Apes and apes' toes, yes, sir. There's an ape's toe sticking through the window, sir... See, this isn't your standard ape, sir. He's between eighteen and nineteen stories high, depending on whether there is a thirteenth floor or not... Sir, I'm sure there's a rule against apes shaking the building... There is, yes, sir. So I yelled at his feet. I said, "Shoo, ape," and "I'm sorry but you are going to have to leave."... I know how like the new men to think on their feet, so I went to the broom closet and I got out a broom without signing out a requisition on it... I will tomorrow, yes sir... And I started hitting him on the toes with it. It didn't bother him much... See, there are these planes and they are flying around and shooting at him and they only seem to be bothering him a little bit, so I figured I wasn't doing too much good with a broom. Did I try swatting him in the face with it? Well, I was going to take the elevator up to his head, but my jurisdiction only extends to his navel. You don't care what I do... just get the ape off the building. This may complicate things a little--he's carrying a women in his hand, sir... No, I don't think she works in the building, no, sir... As he passed by my floor... she has kind of a negligee on, so I doubt very much she's one of the cleaning women. Well, sir, the first thing I did was I filled out a report on it. Well, I don't want to give the building a bad name either, sir, but I doubt very much if we can cover it up, sir. The planes are shooting at him, and people are going to come to work in the morning and some of them are going to notice the ape in the street and the broken window, and they will start putting two and two together. I think we're safe on that score, sir. I doubt very much if he signed the book downstairs. You don't care what I do... just get the ape off the building. Well, I came up with one idea. I thought maybe I could smear the Chrysler Building with bananas...

Can barely believe the downpour I was caught in last evening. Ran 100 yards and got drenched through. Forgot rain can work like that.
[Books] are sad as zeppelins are sad; they wish to soar, but they are using a technology that is old, largely forgotten, and highly flammable.
John Hodgman, introduction to "The McSweeney's Joke Book of Book Jokes"

My secret unlikely hope for a WWDC announcement: GarageBand for iPad. (I'd be happy for some other roughly equivalent app...)

spock spock who's there

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--forget where I grabbed this from but I love it
Anti-slack messages I've posted on my monitor: "click like you mean it" "what are you waiting for?" and "is it angst?"
Apartment in Cambridge: Old and Busted. Apartment in Arlington: the New Hotness. Old and Busted, New Hotness. (Pretty easy move at that!)
Amber enjoying her favorite part of IKEA:

"Braintree" (whether in mall or city form) doesn't quite live up to the coolness of its name.



...kind of a matched set with yesterday's Spock. (And reminds me why I prefer the old series a bit.) via gifanime

5 "LAIVA" bookshelves assembled! (cheaper/cooler than BILLY/EXPEDIT) Moving Plus: Reshelving books gets you reacquainted with your library!
Heh, detail of dating a bookseller's daughter: Amber labels boxes of small cheap paperbacks "mm", i.e. "mass-market" -- so cute!
"Want help with that?"
"Nah, I'm like 85% done."
"That's when it's best to offer- you taught me that."
"Hey, not on purpose!"
Amber and Me

Amber hammers with stronger blows; fewer blows=fewer chances to mess up. I use more blows, compensate for small errors. This difference probably mirrors how we cope with life in general.
Big thunderstorms, trees down in Arlington and Cambridge


"Hey look, the truck's stopping."
"Did they take us to the park this time?"
"No--it's a fire. Another horrible fire."
"What the hell is wrong with these people?" Simon Rich, Animal Tales
(from the New Yorker collection "Disquiet, Please") I laughed - the other ones in the link are worth reading too.
http://www.slate.com/id/2256074/ - on the best Soccer Ad ever - maybe the best sports ad ever?
Note to self: Mickey Rourke and Mickey Rooney are two different people. But it's (amazingly) the same guy in "9 1/2 weeks" and "Iron Man 2"
The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.
Nicholas Butler

http://www.jimspancakes.com - one of the sweetest sites on the web, even before the syrup is added.
US Military Airfcraft that Never Quite Made It - some really nifty craft there, love the tiny jets.
I believe we can build a better world! Of course, it'll take a whole lot of rock, water & dirt. Also, not sure where to put it.
Stephen Fry says this is the most beautiful tweet
Random WWDC thoughts: "curated platform"? Gah, iFarmville? And wait- Farmville is this annoying after only being around for one year?
I may be drinking the kool-aid, but Apples "intersection of Liberal Arts and Technology" resonates with me (the old comp sci/english major)
So my biggest excitement re:iPhone 4 is the camera: hugely refreshing that Jobs says megapixels are great, but less important than photons-- wonder if I can finally retire Canon from pocket to bag.
Last iThought, now iPhone and iPad have appscreen wallpaper - interestingly (err, to me) the default Apple uses to show odd the iPhone is the same one I use on the iPad, that water droplet thing. Weird how there's a bit less homogeneity now, when you see a shot of an iDevice showing its app screen, say, it doesn't necessarily look quite like yours.

totoro noir


--Brilliant Find by Amber, take off the famous Chat Noir prints. (prints available for purchase!)
"Once you get this flavor of HD, you can't go back" claims never seem to be really true for me. Stuff looks better, but it's not crucial.
Just stumbled over a 2010 "Hot Springs" Quarter. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH YOU, US MINT??

let me hold you in my robot arms

Man, this is an exciting picture!
That's Ralph Mosher, who invented (for reals!) those crazy, fore-feedback robot arms. More information at Cyberneticzoo, along with more photos and diagrams like this one:
I'm glad I lived in a world that had real mad scientists in it!
I've been training Winnie for three days now and I'm ready to kill him. I showed him how the spreadsheets are updated on the network, and he just stared at me with this blank expression. I tried to demonstrate the copy machine, but he somehow got his head stuck in one of the slots. I heard his muffled cry of "Oh, bother!" as five of us worked on getting him out. Honestly, is this the best that recruiting could do?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damon_Runyon -had "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat" in my head this AM-Runyon is terrific, more than somewhat.
Hmm, though my current Damon Runyon kick means that my current playlist has a lot of what are technically show tunes.



--from the Don Kenn Gallery -- guess these are all on Post-Its? Like Daphaknee said it's a bit like Ed Gorey does Where The Wild Things Are... great stuff!
http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2008/08/03/chillax/ defense of new wordisms and against "not a real word" apologia.
I'd like to see a Steve Jobs keynote for, say, a Snickers bar... "Oh, and one more thing: Nougat. An entire layer of pure peanut nougat."
Initial iPhone 4 review and An Android User looks at iPhone 4 news -loved the positive takes on the iPhone vs. Android issue, even with different favorites. I'm so sick of negativity in general.

cada uno es libre de usar protector solar


--from Marcos' FB... never saw the video for this... don't know if there's a version sans subtitles. Still, I love the sentiment
"Big Wheels" were so cool, like a Mad Max take on a typical kid's tricycle.
"Redoubtable" is one of those dumb words that means about the opposite of what it sounds like, ala "inflammable".


Wondered why Steve "No Porn on iPads" Jobs didn't install a rating system on the AppStore. Now I see they have one and "parental locks" on devices- why can't they just rely on that?
Dangerously mixed metaphor: "It's like the pot calling the kettle watched."
Luxuriating in long summer days; haunted by the feeling of not long enough-miss SUPER-long westerly Cleveland days, and the fireflies after.

pretty things

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Note to future self: ignore radio shack guy, fuse should be same amps, voltage can increase. (Also: why do subwoofers need fuses?)

mario in 3d

via gifanime

Google weirdness. A search for "tapir", with quotes:~5 million. Without quotes :~1 million... huh? Messing up my search for angriest animal.
Cashback is a cute romantic English film-cross genre. As if Vanilla Sky and Office Space had a mushy baby. W/ skin, but in a lovely art way.

the angriest animals on the internet

A long while back I got my team at work to continue a tradition of animal-based names, but with "Team Angry Manatee" (I had to use the projector and whiteboard and marker in cannons and lasers to show them just how fearsome an angry manatee could be.) FWIW this site is now the second biggest hit for "Angry Manatee", and it got me wondering... what's the angriest animal on the Internet? I.e. Which animal name gets the most Google hits, proportionally speaking, when you search on "animal name" rather than just "animal"?

The results were a bit surprising... out of the 150 or so names I got off a mildly adulterated Wikipedia List of Animal Names, "Angry Manatee"'s percentage was a lowly .013%, putting it about 2/3 of the way down the list.

So for your edification, I present:

Click to see the raw data!
For the record, the least angry animal was the lyrebird. The Internet had no hits for "angry lyrebird" - at least not until this page gets found by Google.

http://www.slate.com/id/2256250/ - USA "51+ Star Flag" toy shows likely patterns for most state counts from 1-100. Patriotic and geeky!
A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past, he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future.
Sidney J. Harris

With Netflix on Wii upstairs, in HD on Xbox on the basement projector, on laptop or in bed w/ iPad, we can watch Season 2 Office anywheres! (Or once they have the app for iPhone anyway)
http://comixed.com/2010/06/12/4-koma-comic-strip-captains-log/ - sorry, but this Star Trek TNG comic made me laugh and laugh... 2019 UPDATE at least I think it was this Pictures for Sad Children:

"Believe me, friendship lasts much longer than love."
"Yeah, but it ain't as much fun."
Sadie and Sgt. O'Hara, Miss Sadie Thompson

June Blender of Love is here!

OK Went


--OK Go's latest video "End Love". Man, these guys have such fun with this stuff. I love how they let the scaffolding show here. A nice counteraction if your day is having its ups and downs.
http://www.slate.com/id/2256915/ - Hitchens on the fundamentalist-friendly piffle of Prince Charles - (I gotta read Hitchens' memoir...)
If you want to have sex, but your partner doesn't feel like it, try saying 'Simon says let's have sex.'

Vuvuzelas at that quantity seem horrendous - though seemed ok at urban New Years (either New York or Boston) a while back.

star warsanov vs matrixski


--via Bill the Splut-- great little "vs." parody animtions, click on this one to go to its youtube page, there's a ton of 'em.

I was indifferent about the Sound FX style but the way they do the theme music of stuff is just great.
"cherry mart" is a little Japanese grocery on newbury st, good for rice balls and calpico! just heard about and need to try "H-Mart"

Boylston street is *thick* with Children International- I had at least 7 approaches in 3 blocks. "Are you friendly?" is the line they seem to like-- "Yes but I hate kids" is the response I didn't quite have the courage to give.
http://www.mcsweeneys.net/links/monologues/15comicsans.html - Comic Sans Rants Back
I was wrong about Apple iPad - the iPad as something that aids immersion, focus, concentration- an anti-"The Shallows" the gadget...
iPad's beauty might be that it's NOT multitasking; you open the app, and the glass plate is aking to a new device, helping you sink into it.
Windows was first a way of running multiple DOS apps at once, and it shows. Mac... it's still not crazy about "full screen mode" even.
Cicero wrote "A room without books is like a body without a soul"...
and those don't even include Amber's, plus there's another bookcase to the left

and I could probably use one more...


My friend Kjersten wrote
RSA Animate is a cool company that takes talks from intellectuals and animates them. It's a great way to consume content for those of us who are more visually oriented.
Daniel Pink talks about what really motivates us:

Which time zone do you live in?

Captivating stuff! I usually hate having to sit through a spoken lecture, rather than being able to skim and skip, but the artist's skills kept my eyes glued.
"An elephant, or maybe flowers." --Three-year-old Toph's response to: "What's your favorite color?"

Dieting, I like repetition-ie the same Wendy's taco salad most days. If lunch is going to be tasty but not "interesting", I can wait for it, and knowing what to expect generally helps with discipline.
"Bluetooth Photoshare" seems to solve my problem of getting doodles off the iPad and onto my website even with no WiFi, via my iPhone.

playlist: season_2010 1 spring

So, it's once again time for me to post the 3,4, or 5 star music I added to my collection over the proceeding 3 months. I love how iDevices let me have a closer relation to my music, but I want to make sure new stuff doesn't get lost in the shuffle (so to speak) so every season I make a new playlist of just the new tunes that I listen to over and over so the songs have a fighting chance for long term familiarity with me.

I'm always amazed that I can find Youtube videos for all of this. I usually go for original version videos, but accept live when that's all there is. And, crazily enough, here I am, singing "Fat Bottomed Girls" at the sQ! alum show at Tufts' Goddard Chapel...
Err, I'm in the back left, behind the really tall guy, popping out from time to time. The "first generation" Qs sang the first verse, I guess we were supposed to mosey forward but this was crazily under-rehearsed... (though Amber got to hear me listen to sQ's and Queen's version over and over as I tried to learn it on the way back from Cleveland.)

So, in other music... two songs got a 5 star Rating (50 songs out of around 1900) I got a ton of music from Amber this time, she has some terrific mixes. (Mostly I downloaded fresh MP3s - it's finding out the music that's the trick, rather than saving a buck) Sometimes I'll remember a random song from Marching Band Days and hunt it down... Movie soundtracks are often great sources of new stuff, most of these were from "Whip It" or in explorations around there... And older stuff from "An Education" Random The thing is I had so much music this season tht for most of May I put off actually adding in the music I ran into, so the Summer playlist is probably a bit inflated from where it would be otherwise.

Anyway, this is all some great music. Let me know if you want an MP3 of anything...

I took a city that was known for pornography and licked it to a large extent.
Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, on his job as mayor of NYC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNREP5l4xTw - anyone know what version of "P.I.M.P" is playing behind Penny Arcade's Gabe drawing Boba Fett?
Come to think of it, I'm kind of bummed none of the virtual drum sets I encounter have a "marching drumline" soundset with 4 distinct bass drums and quads.

photos from the past two days

I photoblogged this branch in mud near Alewife the other day, but it's worth a closer look, I think--

Amber pointed out there were some stunning blue hydrangeas in the neighbor's yard-- the fullsize version of this is even wicked more lovelier...the colors are just crazy, this looks like something rendered by a computer (err, in a good way)

Couch on a truck, making its way to the big city!


To view this content, you need to install Java from java.com
pnok - source - built with processing
My entry for Klik of the Month Klub #36... it's a 2 player game roughly like that old Crossfire toy/boardgame. Player 1 uses A and S, player 2 uses arrow keys left and right, and both players try to shove the green squares into their opponent's goal, first to ten wins.
Amber and I caught the last week of the Jim Henson exhibit at the National Heritage Museum - this was one of my favorite doodles there...



The saddest IMDb page ever: http://imdb.to/aB7D1

If you'll tell me exactly what you're thinking and I tell you exactly what i'm thinking, then we have two minds working together. But most of the time you don't have that, you have bullshit and you have people playing games, and one person thinks life's a fuckin' Sandra Bullock movie and the next guy thinks he's John Wayne, and we're all full of shit. And we all die like that.
Joe Rogan

Got a blood blister carrying a couch Saturday. You know, sometimes I'm surprised and grateful at how few scars/disfigurations are permanent.

turbosnail GO GO GO

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--via señor gif. I've always loved animal cyborg vehicles...

That IKEA cam fastener w/ its special screw is so crazy satisfying, when you twist the cam w/ a screwdriver and it makes the join so secure.
http://www.slate.com/id/2255746/ - remembering that Dick Tracy movie. I liked the limited color palette. Also, "Hanky Panky" by Madonna-- my marching band played that song.
Hot air blowers are incubators and spewers of bacteria and pestilence. Frankly it would be more hygienic if they just had a plague infested gibbon sneeze my hands dry.
Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory

Awesome Tribute for Manute Bol
http://kisrael.com/2007/11/04/ - sunset/sunrise plotter I made a while back, after the bittersweet realization that it's the longest days of the year.
http://bit.ly/aaS6Kz :: wow - what a pic :: terribeautiful image of wave carrying oil to alabama coast
--via http://twitter.com/zefrank
Just reread childhood favorite "Danny: The Champion of the World"- what a sweet and subversive story, tho mostly remembered the scary bits.

how did we live before as-seen-on-tv?

--Bill the Splut. Schadenfreude ahoy! (UPDATE 2019 Might not quite be the original video now defunct)
My most successful diets are "hobgobln diets" based on Foolish Consistency; currently lunches of Wendys Taco Salad. And atomic fireballs. I think this works for me partially because shutting down choice for lunch stills my novelty (and calorie) seeking behavior the rest of the day.
http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/mlb/news/story?id=5316494 - Seinfeld vs Lady Gaga. He sounds like an unfunny old-hack crank.
Fire Alarm! Everyone exits the building. All Clear. Elevators will be a madhouse, so we all climb 8 tall stories back up...
http://www.tineye.com/ - pretty good image identification service! (Not just Google and Bing's "Find Similar Images" crap)

First in line at the Apple Store in Boston, around half past noon...

Sometimes I wish I could set Photoshop up with enough levels of Undo to take me back to, say, 1998.

iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone




--via. So Vuvuzela jokes are really running their course, but "Insistendo quasi le vespe" (roughly "insistently, like a wasp") is a nice touch. I kind of forgot how sheet music tended to have stuff in Italian on it, which seems quaint now. (And I think English instructions are becoming more common.)
Feel somehow validated that the default iOS 4 background is the same one I picked for iPad.
BTW, thanks for the 1AM "Welcome to AT&T!" text, assholes. #att #attsucks #attfail
Did not get an iPhone today. Just drew a 4 on my old one with a Sharpie. Felt better.

CNN headlines, mildly disappointing: "iPhone 4 spurs excitement, beefs" I was kind of hoping the story would be more meat-related.

iPhone, iPad, no Macs -- I'd like to think that I'm less of a "Apple Fanboi" and more of a "Touchscreen Junkie".
If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.
Bern Williams

the bigger the bill


--Think about getting a sticker or two made of good old alien bill
iPhone wallpaper FTW http://www.madin.jp/diary/graphics/2010/pacwall.png

EB after his 1 year old's birthday party.
Sand in wet denim chafes, he says.

t party!


I've only got one setting, old-timer: 'KERBLAM!'
Warpath, "Transformers: War for Cybertron"



Neat to watch the local garbage guys on my walk to work- so deft. One shoved an empty plastic can across the street- how did it not tip??
Surprised the concept "Digital Arts and Crafts" doesn't get more play. There is a Fisher-Price gadget for it, though: http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?e=digitalstudio-product
i'm amused that some white guy referred to the process of americanizing an asian film with white actors and such as 'honking it up'.

The first iPhone couldn't use most headphones without an adapter. (Supposedly for 'shielding' reasons) A weird design faux pas by Apple.
And it's weird that you can edit playlists on the iPhone but it STILL ignores your iTunes folders for playlists- just one big honkin' list.
Or does it? Weird, Playlist Folders are listed as an iOS 4 feature but I'm pretty sure it's ignoring mine...
Don't focus on the one guy who hates you. You don't go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.

Wanna go to the basement, beautiful?"
"That's the strangest proposition I've ever had. Well, not really.

There's this special biologist word we use for 'stable.' It's 'dead.'
Jack Cohen

bullfroggy went a courtin'

On this Thursday, on this particular walk to school, there was an old frog croaking in the stream behind the hedge as we went.

"Can you hear him, Danny?"

"Yes," I said.

"That is a bullfrog calling to his wife. He does it by blowing out his dewlap and letting it go with a burp."

"What is a dewlap?" I asked.

"It's the loose skin on his throat. He can blow it up just like a little balloon."

"What happens when his wife hears him?"

"She goes hopping over to him. She is very happy to have been invited. But I'll tell you something very funny about the old bullfrog. He often becomes so pleased with the sound of his own voice that his wife has to nudge him several times before he'll stop his burping and turn around to hug her."

That made me laugh.

"Don't laugh too loud," he said, twinkling at me with his eyes. "We men are not so very different from the bullfrog."

Roald Dahl, "Danny: The Champion of the World".
What a charming book! Funny how I mostly remember the darker parts of it from way back when- now it's a very quick read, highly recommended.
Language is convincing. Seeing is believing. Touching is reality.
Alan Kay

Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a fish a man, and he'll eat for weeks!
Animal Crossing: Wild World

Err, about "Jorts"- are these the same as "denim shorts" from like the early 90s? Or is there an unfortunate bit of 'Daisy Dukes' influence?
It is always dangerous to make assumptions about people's basic philosophies, and those assumptions tend to (quite conveniently) track with the way you, yourself see the world, so maybe I should limit the scope to myself purely for safety. I tend to think of technology as a force. It's not so much a physical object as it is a manifested capability. Having serviced technology, and having loved it for years beyond that, and now utterly dependent on it for both my livelihood and leisure, my relationship with it has an (ironically) pre-industrial quality. When I actually think about it, of all the ways it intersects with my being, I wouldn't know what else to call it but worship. I'm not trying to be a poet. I believe that statement to be accurate.

There's a pragmatism there. If you're going to have a god, you want to be able to call on Him; it stands to reason that you might want to make a call on Him.

http://speedbird.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/what-apple-needs-to-do-now/ on Apple's skeuomorphic sins, giving me a name for that "make it look 'real world'" aesthetic I dislike too.
My favorite least favorite example of terrible skeuomorphic design: drop shadows. They just don't need to exist. (2019 UPDATE: hearing about 'dark mode' on MacOS - something I will never love because light text on dark generally is less pleasant for folks with astigmatism - Gruber et al point out that you lose the ability to see the layering of windows a bit, because they rely on darkening/shadows. So maybe there is at least one place where they are useful.)
HERMAN Miller does chairs. HENRY Miller did books, and Anaïs Nin.

Copley Square via iPhone 4...

In the last 2 hours, 15 minutes I've received 4 calls from recruiters. Does my resume on my site have mad google mojo, or what?

babbling giants


--via Bill the Splut
Why has agnosticism fallen out of favor? New Atheism offers the glamour of fraudulent rebelliousness, while agnosticism has only the less eye-catching attractions of humility. The willingness to say "I don't know" is less attention-getting than "I know, I know. I know it all."

Oh man, I remember Melanie Hamburg, my Kindergarten (maybe 1st Grade?) fiancee... we were pretty serious about it, none of this just "playing house" stuff... but then Chris wanted to be our son... 'well, I guess we could adopt him...'
Jotted down in response to a Friend's FB post about her kid's early marriage plans...
Passive-aggressive voices in my head are urging inefficiency at undesired delegated tasks! A relief from that tiresome 'Kill! KILL!'

Oddly captivating sign in the kitchen at work:

Just found out Dice Wars lives on iOS as "Strategery"- simplified "Risk" - so addictive
Swampscott Twilight

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